Wednesday, August 3, 2011

i won!

when i found out i won the sakura bloom styleathon i was on a street corner in london. i did a little giddy jig as i was still a bit out of sorts having landed in england that day. something about it didn't really sink in until i came back to the states this week. i just want to share the video one more time. i had so many ideas of what i wanted to do, some involved mamas carrying their babies in slings while the slings sang 'the rainbow connection' and others were more stylistic and poppy. i am so happy that i didn't overthink it. i find the best work comes that way (at least to me.) a huge thanks once again to geoff boothby, who just happened to be in town the day i needed him and to louise, betsy and mirth for their participation. i am SO excited to collaborate on a line of slings with lynne from sakura bloom. i loved everything lynne and leigh wrote about the babywearing documentary. it was so inspiring to share this little adventure with the other mamas. i still don't know how they picked me (but am thankful!!)

sling: c/o sakura bloom pixie in rock candy
sling: c/o sakura bloom simple linen in wheat

the song is by woody guthrie.


  1. Congrats! I was rooting for you! xo.

  2. I saw that you won on twitter - so excited for you!!

  3. Thats amazing well done :) i adore the little video.


  4. Congrats! Fell in love with you with Leighs first link to you!

  5. *of course* you did. well earned!