Thursday, August 18, 2011

me & arrow

i did this little shoot for me & arrow summer 2011 a couple of months ago - i thought i shared it here but apparently not. the designer, natsuko, is talent beyond talent. i love having coffee with her and hearing all of her ideas. if i made an inspiration board for natsuko/me & arrow it would be crystals, desert, gram parsons and lots of feathers. her fall collection which includes buttery leather bags and vintage print totes is online here. take a peek...

photos by brandon harman


  1. I love those bags!!! Thank you for sharing, and you look gorgeous!! xx

  2. you look lovely :)
    love those dresses

  3. niiiiiiiiiice

    i got the little brown one as a special birthday treat.


  4. You look beautiful and those bags are great!

  5. gorgeous bags. a buttery leather bag is always a great thing to have.