Friday, August 26, 2011


i just returned from a peaceful day and a night in the desert. i didn't take many pictures. honestly, i needed to turn inward and be in the water, by the bonfire, stargazing, spending time with my friends. when i returned yesterday, elodie and i put down a blanket and stared up into the trees, wondering what type of creatures lived in them - fairies, squirrels, butterflies, parrots. time slows down in these quiet moments and things don't seem so complicated.

'learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself, and know that everything in life has purpose. there are no mistakes, no coincidences, all events are blessings given to us to learn from."

elizabeth kubler ross

i needed to think about this exactly right now. it will help me navigate my little bumps in the road.

image here.


  1. sounds kinda like what i'm going through. in a little different way. sometimes we need to get away to rethink our lives.

    you can read my musings on my little bloggity blog.


  2. sometimes it's nice to have an experience and just have the memories. i totally understand that!
    and that is a wonderful quote. i have to evacuate for the hurricane and i will be keeping that in mind this weekend.

  3. I love this and couldn't agree more about needing to slow down and the power and meaning behind coincidence. xo

  4. Hi Elizabeth,

    ..and luckily these simplest moments are the ones that our children might remember forever... times when we are really truly aware of them and ourselves as well... ! seems so easy but it is often hard to do.....

    -just started following your blog..something instantaneously got me... i believe we share similar feelings toward our little ones..i can relate....

    Thanks for sharing you thoughts....

    and if i may let me suggest an incredible book that i believe you might enjoy.... THE FORGOTTEN LANGUAGE OF CHILDREN (A Journey in Living Authentically) by Lillian Firestone - Brilliant book i read it about a year ago and i keep going back to it over and over again...

    Have a wonderful weekend.......

  5. Indeed. I had a similar experience in the mountains two days before Q's big surgery. It was as if time went into slow motion and suddenly I could see every individual ripple on the clear lake, every shimmering leaf on the aspen tree, every dappled shadow in clear relief. If only we could see the world with such clarity and love every day.

  6. Ah yes...those little bumps...we do need those rejuvenating times don't we.

  7. "everything happens for a reason." a good reminder for us all.

  8. That moment with Elodie sounds utterly and completely lovely. I can't wait for the day when I can lay on a blanket with my own daughter, stare up through the trees, and imagine the types of creatures--real and fairytale--who live in them. Between that, her "animals and me" class, and watching classical-music DVDs, (among, of course, many other things) Elodie seems utterly blessed to have you as a mama. In the horrifyingly over-stimulated, technology-obsessed world we live in, it really is comforting to read about simpler moments between parent and child, that involve the good kind of stimulation. Stimulation related to things like the natural world around us, animals, life, music, and so on. I hope to foster the same kind of world for my daughter that you are giving Elodie. Such a gift! xoxox