Friday, August 19, 2011

uno, due, tre

we will be landing in rome on my birthday (september 5th!) and i am still a bit indecisive about our itinerary. i had grand plans to hop on a ferry to sardinia or sicily but it is just too much extra travel for nine nights in italy. i'm feeling a bit like the girl in the first shot. the upside is i know what i want to do - eat, get lost in the coutryside, see a museum or two, eat, drink some aperitifs, swim in the mediterranean, find some leather shoes to replace my old favorites, sleep in, ride a bike along via appia, rent a wooden boat, stand in awe of the beautiful architecture and art, have a chinotto on a fabulous italian terrace, search for vintage treasures, eat some more. what am i missing? i would love any and all suggestions for shops and restaurants!

it is the 50th anniversary of these fantastic, iconic photos of an american in italy (those sandals!) by ruth orkin. read more about the subject and photographer here

these photos also make me think, travelling should feel iconic and inspiring - how can that possibly happen if you are wearing shorts, a baseball cap and a t-shirt? if one is going to go to the trouble of booking a ticket to go somewhere cool or exotic, shouldn't one dress the part?

photos by ruth orkin


  1. b knows rome really well. let's chat sometime soon. are you coming down this weekend still??

  2. You lead such a fabulous lifestyle! My birthday's the 8th I so wish I could jet off to Italy. Lucky you, enjoy it x

  3. oh, don't be fooled. you are just catching me on a particularly travel heavy year! ;)

  4. how lovely! i lived in rome for 6 months while i was studying abroad and i miss it so much.

    one of the best restaurants i ate at, which lets face it, the best food in italy ISNT in rome, was ristorante 34. it was amazing, delicious food and the owners were wonderful! very close to the spanish steps.

    also, make sure to get a cappucino from tazza d'oro. i went there almost daily. a true authetic experience, and right across from the pantheon.

    spend time in piazza navona by the fountains.

    have a great birthday trip!

  5. so jealous! i also lived in rome for six months for school, have family there, and have been to italy a handful of times since, once to study again, but this time in florence! rome will always have a special place in my heart. i'd say things you cannot miss include:

    the galleria at villa borghese (an absolute must. bernini's sculptures literally made me cry)

    villa pamphili (a bit out of the center but you'll get to see some of the "real" rome where normal people live ;) and the huge park is incredible for walks. you can even gather pine nuts that have fallen from the trees!)

    the forum (amazing, even if you're not into history)

    trastevere (my favorite district - great food, great nightlife)

    eating carciofi alla romana, gelati, osso bucco, spaghetti alla carbonara, or whatever your waiter suggests

    but i'd say most of all, walk around A LOT, get lost, eat frequently, and hit the sales. hard.

    have a wonderful trip!

  6. I was last in Rome in April and had an amazing time. I highly recommend walking around the Forum, where there are many shops off on the side streets and the Forum itself is amazing. One of my favorite places to go after dinner was Piazza Navona, which is home to three beautiful fountains and numerous artists and street performers. The best thing about Rome is wandering around and getting lost, I loved the area called Sant,Angelo (I think!). For Museums I loved the Capitoline. All the luxury shops are right across from the Spanish Steps and are fun to window shop, for me at least, at. Have a great trip and eat lots of gelato!

  7. Melanie from SydneyAugust 22, 2011 at 3:23 PM

    Oh you have to dress the part, absolutely! Then you can look back at the photos when you are old and gasp at how sophisticated and gorgeous you looked in that 2011 holiday to Italy. Whenever I go to Asia or the Middle East (not as much as I would Like) I always dress as a local (which is a little hard as an Australian blondie in Asia) to help me feel the culture. So yes, find those leather sandles and complete the look. Enjoy and Happy early Birthday =)

  8. That sounds like the perfect trip--especially the eating and drinking part ;)

  9. I just got back a day ago from Italy (ethnography work in Siena then touring Roma, Sardegna, and Toscana). Go to the island! Sardegna reminds me of how italy must have been 40 years ago: the small mountain villages, the incredible food, the sheep and insanely blue beaches. Get lost in Rome, most things are right in the center anyways. Eat, eat, eat in Toscana (olive oil there is liquid gold). Buon divertimento! You'll love it all.

  10. Ha! we share the same birth date!

    A restaurant we enjoyed was called: Trattoria del Pallaro. It's owned by this elderly couple (I think a sign on the wall says they've been running it for 50+ years). They don't speak English, but the man interacted with us throughout the dinner with nice charades. There's no menu..there motto is something like "You eat what we serve you", and it was the most delicious 4-5 course meal. By memory it was just near the Pantheon on a back street.
    Enjoy your trip!