Wednesday, August 31, 2011

vacation * en vacances * vacaciones

i won't be online for the first half of september but i'm having some lovely friends from real life and the internet filling in for me. why? because i thought it would be fun and i admire them so...i'm really looking forward to this time with my family. sometimes it's nice to get a bird's eye perspective on life and that is what this time offline will hopefully offer. i'll be posting on instagram i'm sure as i'm a total addict, otherwise, radio silence. xo


  1. i'm also going to italy for the first two weeks of september and will also be only using instagram. we're off to ischia (via rome and naples). happy holiday. ciao! x

  2. have a WONDERFUL holiday! you deserve a break; i look forward to reading what i'm sure will be lovely guest posts. :)

  3. enjoy your time from your head to your toes!!!


  4. enjoy your vacation and break...we all need one now and then!