Friday, September 30, 2011

breakfast of champions

every morning since we returned from europe i've had a green smoothie for breakfast. there are all sorts of studies that suggest that having a liquid meal for breakfast is just so much easier for your body to digest and helps deliver energy quicker. my smoothie usually has pineapple/coconut juice, half a banana or avocado, some frozen mango and then always, always hemp protein powder, a green powder (or handful of spinach), chia seeds, mangosteen juice and some dr. udo's dha oil.

but today i needed something a little more decadent so i made l.a. in bloom's banana-date shake for elodie and i. heavenly! i have been reading heather's blog for a while now and appreciate her take on life in los angeles. it can be such a wonderful place to be and she really keeps me in love with the place -- even during a string of smoggy mornings such as we've been having lately! 

i should probably include a picture of aforementioned smoothie. instead, here are some pictures from yesterday's adventure which included the aquarium, the beach and an evening at bash please studio for heather heron's pop up shop. driving down the hill into santa monica and glimpsing the first view of the sparkling ocean with sailboats bobbing on it had me singing jimi hendrix 'castles made of sand' and 'one rainy wish' for the rest of the day. such a genius day in california!


  1. Wow. such a great idea with the date banana- date smoothie... definitely gonna try it! i just wrote on my blog the kind of green smoothie i always make, every time after running. Beautiful pictures!

  2. I'm convinced! More green smoothies for breakfast for us.

    p.s. What do you use to take your pictures? They're so dreamy!

  3. Wow, these pictures are amazing. Sometimes I feel so bummed that I'm not raising my little guy near a beach.

    I love Heather's shake (and all of the great webisodes she's been sharing). I actually started making a combination of her shake and my regular green shake. Pretty tasty.