Monday, September 26, 2011

fall fruits

i went to a really fun potluck on sunday and had high hopes to make a pomegranate-persimmon salad. so i carefully deseeded five pomegranates from our backyard tree during elodie's naptime and then made a quick stop to the farmer's market. alas, no persimmons yet although it is the end of september and sometimes we can find them around here. i brought the bowl anyway thinking we could make a cocktail or replicate my afternoon snack of pomegranate seeds with lemon and a dash of sea salt. seriously, the most decadent dessert you can imagine no baking required. how amazing that they grow on trees!


  1. i love pomegranate!!! i will try it next time with sea salt too...

  2. wait, you have a pomegranate tree in your YARD? maybe i need to move to california.

  3. yum! that snack sounds amazing! taking note.