Thursday, September 22, 2011

there is a light that shines

even if it is still 80+ degrees here, i can feel the arrival of autumn! having grown up in southern california i am accustomed to the subtle shifts between each season and try and remember to be patient with myself during these transitions from winter to spring, spring to summer and now summer to autumn. transitions have a tendency to make me feel restless - there is a palpable desire to leap to the next thing and not just be in the space in between. but transitions are a part of life, a huge part of life, and to rush past them is missing the point.

sometime today or tomorrow this shift happens that marks the mid-way point between summer and winter. the days become shorter and we embrace fall rituals to comfort us in the sun's absence*. for me it is a time to remember how lucky i am to have my loved ones and to try and treat my body better. i am starting a kitchari cleanse next week and i'll be sure to post the recipe. oh, and i also like these little practices for the equinox. very sweet.

image here

* hopefully we soaked up enough sun this summer to last us through to the very end of the winter!


  1. Before getting pregnant and now nursing I cleansed 4x a year---was always astonished what a gift it was--I'd forget, be hesitant right before to start it, then by day 3 be so happy. enjoy:) love the rituals too.

  2. this perfectly sums up the day - it's JUST started into the rainy season of the west coast (Vancouver) and the shift is palpable. summer is gone and everyone is donning sweaters and tucking under the rain.
    thanks for this post, i really enjoyed your writing! and good luck on the cleanse! xo.

  3. Catching up on my reading :) did you start the kitchari cleanse yet? I'm very interested in the recipe!