Wednesday, September 7, 2011

what it feels like for a boy

a sweet post on boy's vintage (and really how hard it is to dress a boy) from jamie of a desert fete and hank + lucy!

hello littlest readers!

i am so very pleased that the lovely elizabeth asked me here today. when she gave me a wide open option for what to write about, i thought i would go into something dear to us both, vintage baby clothes.
i am going to go ahead and say it out loud, when our sonogram read that we were going to have a boy, i felt a small twang of disappointment. (also a lack of surprise, i always new i was destined for a boy.) don't get me wrong, i have nothing against boys. i do love them. but less face it, the sartorial options with a little girl are so much more vast. even to me - a life long tom boy. but that is just it, isn't it? as a girl, i pretty regularly wear jeans and tees, or my husband's old worn in flannel button ups. but i also can't do without the occasional 70's sundress. you might catch my husband stealing one of my vintage tees, but you are never going to find him sporting a sundress. and so girls, we have more options. we can (within societal norms) swing both ways in our wears.

well, nothing to do but chin up and embrace the boyness, and begin the hunt. i thought i would share some of my favorite boy vintage finds. since i don't go in for the more frilly stuff, it can be a little harder. i've found it's best to stick to later decades like 70's & 80's and look especially for tees and tops.

this plaid button up might be my favorite. it looks exactly like something has papa would wear, but mini! i am so glad i pulled it down from the clothes in the 1 year plus bin, because while labeled as 18 months, it is fitting him here on his 4 month birthday! yikes!

one can never go wrong with babies + stripes. (vintage or no.)

we tend to shy away from images or characters, but this is too cute!

to ben and i's mutual surprise, our boy can rock the heck out of a tank top!

mocs. need i say more?

base ball tee. just classic, right?

this vest (handed down from our pals) was a lifesaver on our chilly morning camping trip

another classic

and the best baby outfit of all. 

we are still on the hunt for a nice western. we had one, but it was lost in the great mold tragedy of 2010

and so, we are making our fun. and i know this should go without saying. but. i would never trade my boy for a girl for all the well stocked closets in the world. to be sure, henry a man's man. look at that face, he is all boy! and i LOVE it. the second that little one is in your arms nothing else could possibly matter!


  1. babies in tank tops = AMAZING.

    i've said it before, but can i just add that although girls have more options, baby boy clothes are far more interesting. it's incredibly difficult to find girl items (even vintage) without a damn ruffle somewhere on them. it's maddening and it's why i usually end up in the boy's section for cheech anyway. that being said, i know that i am definitely in the minority when it comes to this thought process. :/

  2. I am have a boy due on the 24th and finding cute clothes for him has been such a struggle. Why must all boy's clothing insist on saying something incredibly cheesy, "little all star", "chicks dig me" etc etc. It kills me! Thanks for these little tips.. and I completely agree with stripes and baby mocs. So presh.

  3. to tuff gummy on his back side, poor boy.

  4. way to embrace the baby-boyhood!!

    i love that you too, shy away from charactered clothes! kudos!

  5. His style rocks! Also: he has the most perfect bald head in the world. xo.

  6. @celia Oh celia, we will be having this conversation on the porch of our old folks home when the kids are all grown up won't we? I will grant you, most main stream girls clothes are quite garbage yes. But that is just the point; you CAN shop the boy's side. (Though my favorite leggings are still those striped girl's ones. Sad I didn't pick them up in the next size!) Also, have you SEEN Elodie's wardrobe? Better than my ownx100.

    @catlin ooooh! So soon! HA my husband's mom brought us that *chicks did me shirt* and she knew we wouldn't like it. "It was on sale and it is organic and it had nice colors..." She tried to explain herself into it... ;)

    @anon I KNOW, we were having a hard time getting his cloth dipes to fit right. Luckily he didn't seemed fussed by it at ALL. (He would have told us, you can be sure.)

    @nicoles (both!) thanks! If he takes after his folks, we have a while to go with that big bald head. :)

  7. I'm with Celia on the girls' clothes. ALL mainstream gendered baby clothes are ugly, except for the simple basics, like white tees, grey onesies, striped leggings. And when I dress my daughter in those, *everyone* assumes she's a boy! So now I'm constantly hunting for girl clothes that I don't hate. And thinking it would be so much easier to dress a boy. ;-)

    I guess it will get easier once her hair starts growing...

  8. i felt a quick twinge of "what will i dress him in" after having my little boy, but now that i have a little girl too, i think boy vintage is easier! it's always pretty innocent and cute while when i find vintage girl clothes they always seem to be SUPER FRILLY. my best vintage boy find was a yellow and white striped long sleeved tee with big bird parachuting over the grand canyon. i don't do characters usually but for this i made the exception.

  9. @amy my girl has hair, lots of it, and people think she's a boy too. i used to put a barrette in her hair every day to remedy the situation, but lately she's gotten into the habit of pulling them out and sticking them in her mouth. no bueno.

  10. we are big ol' boy thrifters too! I have the same baby mocs and a few of the other items you show. The vintage old button down knit sweaters are my FAV! And geeze, gotta love the mini baseball tee, right? American Apparel essential (we stock up there too)

    Henry is handsome in anything. But his tank tops just might steal the show :)

  11. TOTALLY!

    But think of all the money we are saving by NOT shopping for a girl! That's what I tell myself at least.

    I'm the proud owner of one of The Littlest's vintage boy tees (not unlike the blue one that Hank has), and I love it.

    I'm constantly battling with husband about acceptable boy clothes. He needs to have SOME style, does he not?

  12. what an excellent model with such stylish parents. love it. :)

  13. H has the best closet. for real. and I feel you on dressing boys. why can't baby boys wear shades of pink? leaning more toward peach or coral? I always browse the girl clothes at thrift stores and have found some winners there!

  14. fantastic. I just had a boy after having a girl and i must say the options are few and far between if you want to get away from the trucks/rockets/sports theme. I have fallen back on stripes A LOT.


  15. totally agree boys clothes are tricky. We say dress them rude and just teach them how to pull it off