Tuesday, October 11, 2011

the adorable tea collection

we are having some crazy weather in california and it's hard to really believe when we wake up and it's 58° that it will actually reach the forecasted 85°. this is where tea collection comes in. they have a great range of dresses, tops, leggings (and more) in a striking fall palette that perfectly transition from summer to autumn. elodie just received a few items and they are fast becoming staples.

i can't wait to pair this dress with a shirt underneath or some colorful tights when it gets a bit more chilly.

and a striped dress and colorful leggings? i wish this was my outfit!

in addition to all of the cute girl's clothing they have lots of options for boys and baby as well. i wish elodie had this romper when she was an early walker. seriously cute.

{thanks tea collection!}


  1. So darling. I know where I'm shopping next for Iris! I can't wait to see her in little fall clothes!

  2. Aw, she looks so cute! I'm so glad you posted this, for some reason I thought they only made girls clothes, I am going to go check out the boys section for my little guy now!

    Also, where are Elodie's gold shoes from the in the bottom pic? They are awesome!


  3. I adore that dress on top! was she wearing with rainboots? how cute!!

  4. I must get my little one some of those leggings. It seems all of the other brands have the worst colors available. Love this post!

  5. I love Tea Collection for boys. It makes my life so much easier in the mornings and the colors actually look great in pictures! :)

  6. oh my goodness that little owl bag is the cutest!

  7. oh please. where is the owl bag from?
    it it vintage? (please say no)

  8. I want a little girl to dress in these cloths. How precious! And her little gold sneakers...adorable!

  9. that first dress is going to be perfect with tights. uber stylish gear, love it all! x ashley