Monday, October 10, 2011

exploring autumn

it's time for another round of betsy's developmental play classes for babies and toddlers. elodie and i are going to be taking the sunday 'autumn & me'  where we'll sing, craft, meet woodland creatures and get to explore autumn in all it's beauty. betsy is also hosting a music class led by sarah peters of world citizen baby. if you are in LA and interested in any of the classes, email betsy and mention the littlest for $10 off your class. hope to see you there!!

here are some pictures of last year's class where babies and toddlers dressed up and hunted for pumpkins, spiders and more in a wading pool filled with hay and cobwebs. elodie loves looking at pictures from this day!


  1. oh we need to find something like this down here! (adorable as always, E)

  2. She has so beautiful eyes. I love it.