Monday, October 31, 2011

her third halloween

well, to be honest, we are laying a bit low this halloween. elodie has had a cough and a fever since late last night and we are going to maybe do five minutes of trick or treating. thankfully minnie mouse and pippi longstocking made it out to the self-realization halloween party on friday. my friend amanda always has the best costumes for malena - this one takes the cake! love these two together...

elodie really wanted to be minnie mouse but we didn't love the options that were out there. i am not costume sewing mama unfortunately (though total envy!) so we made up her costume with the following: 
dress thrifted when i was in london
black tights, mittens and shoes from h&m
minnie ears from the disney store 
she took off her black nose and whiskers immediately. she's not big on the face painting yet.

the best thing about young children is that they have the imagination to fill in the blanks. so often, we do that for them with every detail. no need!


    they are to completely perfectly adorable. cheers on thinking outside the walmart halloween costumes. you rock, mama!


  2. Aww! The cutest Minnie and Pippi. xo.

  3. oh my gosh so so so so so cute. Elodie has the sweetest smile I've ever seen! She radiates happiness. And you did an amazing job with her costume. It's much cooler to have a costume that involved a thrifted dress from London than a store-bought pre-packaged one! That's the kind of thing she'll be so proud of when she's older, really. Like "my mom was the coolest, when I was little, she didn't like any of the minnie mouse costumes out there, so she just use a tiny polka dotted dress that she thrifted in big deal." I love your style! xx

  4. holy cow they're so cute elizabeth! can't even tell she was under the weather, poor sweet thing. xo