Thursday, October 13, 2011

what's your dosha?

tonight i was texting with a friend of mine and i mentioned how my little one had the most epic tantrum in the history of ever. i almost 100% blame it on this crazy heat wave we are having. she then wrote, 'the heat really brings it out, especially for the little pitta babies which i think both of ours are.' a light went on for me because i hadn't thought of paying attention to her dosha. sure, heat will get anyone worked up but, in eastern philosophy, their is a belief that your mind-body makeup is actually a recipe and following it can help you walk through life with more ease. i was finally able to help her relax by getting her into a tepid bath and putting erik satie's gnossiennes number one on repeat.

in ayurveda, a dosha is your specific mind-body makeup. when your system gets out of whack, either physically, mentally or enviromentally you don't feel good. knowing your dosha and the things you can do to help get your body back into balance is an amazing thing. there is a more eloquent explanation here (where you can also find out your dosha).

i have noticed when i live my life according to the recipe that is suggested to a vata (i'm also a pitta) that i am much happier and more grounded. for some reason, probably sheer laziness, it really hadn't occurred to me to also think of elodie's and make changes based on that but i'm going to try it out!

i'm always interested in hearing the things that other mamas (and non-mamas) do to chill out. i went outside and stared at the moon for a good 20 minutes. that seemed to help tonight.

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  1. great picture!!! and gr8 post!!

  2. Heatwave in LA has been no good. My little one completely skipped her nap yesterday.

  3. thank you for this, I've never thought about it like this before. The movie- Ayurveda: The Art of Being, has been calling to me on NetFlix, maybe I'll check it out. could be a start down a path...

  4. oooh it is rare to run in to someone who knows ayurveda as well! I am vata predominating as well and Fall is my "worst" season so to speak - the cold creeps in, the wind picks up. I find that keeping warm and cozy no matter the season helps - and sesame oil on the feet every night and a nice warm mug of tea or cocoa...really calms me down.

  5. Thank you for posting this. I've been feeling very wind blown this season and now it makes sense. I'm also Pitta Vata and feeling pulled by the Vata season for sure. I've been using a grounding blend of essential oils in a diffuser at night and writing to clear my head, that has helped. Now that I took this quiz, I have more tools to understand my current state. Anyway, I'm so glad I read your post, it's very helpful. Warmly, Heather