Monday, November 14, 2011

just shy of three

oh little elodie. it's hard to imagine you were still growing in my belly less than three years ago. and that now, here you are, a wondrous, thoughtful person i get to share my life with.

your papa and i think you are going through a brain spurt right now, you are lightning fast and we can't keep up with your songs, stories and movement these days. you just had your first bad dream. you said, "mama, mama" and as soon as i walked in your room, you clutched me tightly and said, "the cow trying to get me." i always wondered who i would have to fight off in the middle of the night. i'm glad it's just a silly cow for the moment.

before bed, we look between your toes for tiny sheep (lint). if we happen to find a couple, we play with them for a little while.

you have never been so affectionate. you tell us you love us several times a day and love to give us kisses and cuddles. i want this age to last forever yet i'm so excited to watch you grow. it's very confusing for your mama.

favorite songs:
the elephant song 
she sells sea shells by the seashore (you ask me to sing you this every night before bed)
walking in a winter wonderland by the andrew sisters

favorite books:
oh what a busy day! by gyo fujikawa
bear stays up for christmas by karma wilson
i am a bunny by richard scarry (you read this a lot last year too)

favorite activities:
puzzles that papa brought home from georgia
playing with your acorn people (similar)
going on family walks

things you say:
"shall we do a puzzle?"
"is a baby in your belly?" (i'm not pregnant - ha!)
you squeeze my cheeks together and say "it's a little puggy, a little puggy"
"look! i can jump backwards. i can practice"
after observing a little girl on the monkey bars you said "wow, i wish i could do that when i was a big girl"
when you are looking forward to something you say 'mama, i soooo essssited'
"it's so froggy out (foggy)"
you also say 'cahdee coodoo' quite a bit. not sure what this means.

just shy of three:

just shy of two:

just shy of one:

you are so loved. 


  1. She really is the most adorable little girl, and I love her little 'get up'. Have a great day, XO!

  2. beautiful! Congratulations on your lovely little three year old!

  3. This is a beautiful post. I treasure all the photos I have of me and my toddler together...they're actually pretty few and far between. She's 15 months and I can't believe how fast it's going.

  4. Both your daughter and your words are beautiful! I always love your posts, this is my first comment :)
    I just had to let you know how much I appreciate your lovely, peaceful, writing style. My daughter just turned 2 and although it is sometimes difficult to see her growing and changing so fast, your posts remind me that all the ages and stages are so fun and beautiful! thank you for sharing.

  5. ooh what a fabulous idea to document her likes! I especially like that 'just shy of 2' picture of her reaching down your shirt - my daughter (2 1/2) STILL reaches down my shirt everytime we snuggle or at bedtime. It's her calming moment but with an infant nursing on me as well I am started to feel like a piece of meat :) ahhhh....kiddos! that's why they make them so freakin' adorable.

  6. What a beautiful little girl, and what a strikingly gorgeous lady she is going to grow into! This post makes me "so esssited" for age 3!

  7. You have such a beautiful little daughter with the most precious soul! I love reading your blog! My little soul is 2 1/2 now.. and i have another angel growing inside my belly. You know, my little girl used to tell me that I have a baby in belly too ( i denied it too... because i thought i wasn't pregnant), little did i know.. she knew before me. So, who knows? : )

  8. Great post. It's amazing how she looks so much like you AND so much like her dad at the same time! Gorgeous little lady. Sounds like such a fun age! xo.

  9. aw... she is so precious. I always look forward to your inspiring posts since we're also in LA and have a little one.

  10. Beautiful. My daughter is "just shy of one" and I can't imagine how quickly it must seem for your daughter to be three. These little ladies are full of magic.


  11. so so so so cute. The 'sooo esssited' thing is just about the most adorable thing I've ever heard.

  12. very very cute pics!!!

  13. Your daughter is so beautiful and your words are so lovely. Your daughter's hair is so beautiful, so long even when she is little. I hope she enjoys her birthday.