Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the voyagers

how wonderful is une envie de sel? i don't remember how i initially happened upon maia's blog which documents life with her husband and daughter, the spirited Q, but it's impossible to not fall a little bit in love with them as you read along. and then there is her illustrations, her characters filled with whimsy, courage and contemplation. and now dolls? i am in awe of the world she creates with the voyagers.

images: owl doll, holiday cards, children's party favors


  1. Really beautiful! Ava is so adorable!

    Camila Faria

  2. Q is amazing....she was one of our Weekly Kiddos and I couldn't believe the photos I was looking at....the confidence and cool of this little girl blew me away!

    And yes, maia is SO talented too. fun to stumble upon groovy chicas like that. reminds me of when i found YOU, lady!

  3. Maia is amazingly talented and kind. And who doesn't fall in love with Q at first site?

    Lovely blog you have here.