Friday, November 11, 2011

bake with me

we have been having the best time baking lately. baking has always seemed like such a chore as you have to follow the recipe to a tee but something about doing it with elodie has been wonderful. i've found it therapeutic to read her the recipes, set out all of our ingredients, carefully measure each one and then set the timer patiently waiting for our goodies to be ready.

we've also been enjoying betsy's new series 'bake bread with me' in beachwood canyon. yesterday we made pretzels from scratch. the children enjoyed playing with fresh baked (fake) loaves of bread, taking turns baking in the pretend oven and then cleaning up all the flour with little brooms.

it sure was fun and messy and i realize that i need to get her an apron. i don't have hours to look on etsy and am tied between these two. decisions, decisions...

it's not too late to join us for the baking series! sign up here.

top photo: dress from minikin
bottom photo: dress from caramel london
aprons here and here


  1. our kids have the best time on "baking day" at school. they usually bake bread, but sometimes it is a cake or a treat like that. i personally love baking, but need to work a little harder incorporating the little ones into the can get so messy!! ;-)

  2. Good post. I too have started baking again with my 2 year old. Have to admit I stopped because I couldn't bear the mess but now it's much more fun and a great way of bonding. I liked the aprons but also love this one:

  3. So fun! Can't wait for that!
    (And I like the apron on the left. ;) )

  4. my daughter also loves "baking day" at school! I have been meaning to get their recipe since Sept to try out at home. Today we are making cookies - a yummy treat for the weekend! She has to "help" me in the kitchen almost everytime I am cooking. Somedays it's hard to be patient to incorporate her but it is so worth it when I do!

  5. I love cooking with my tiny friend, Poppy. It's an incredible joy. Here's a recipe and post I did when we made basil pesto...
    She's such a great sous chef! I love this series and hope we can join in!


  6. I know what I'm doing this weekend!

  7. We have been doing a ton of baking at my house. My mother in law got an apron for my daughter last Christmas and she shrieks with delight when I take it off the hook on the wall and tell her its time to cook. Such beautiful pictures!

  8. fyi-the apron on the right went on sale yesterday at Anthro for $12.95. We have it and its just lovely.

  9. i think these little aprons are the cutest things i have ever seen!