Wednesday, November 30, 2011

what makes a party?

so of course i waited until the very last minute to plan elodie's birthday party. i decided to have it early this year and am now wondering why i would do such a silly thing. i had just started to look at some seriously cute ideas for birthday inspiration (which gave me a mild panic attack) when thankfully a friend passed on the birthday book. in a nutshell, the book laid out the essential ingredients of a birthday party.

‘they are: a cake to share with those who are close to us, a candle on the cake, greetings, blessings or gifts from family or friends. nothing more is required, everything else – flowers, decorations, games, dancing, entertainment – are loving elaborations of these three essentials which are needed to feed the whole of ourselves, our body, soul and spirit. everyone requires nourishment on these three levels if they are to grow, thrive and fulfill their destiny.’

of course, this isn't going to stop me from wanting to pull together a cute and fun party between now and saturday but i think it helps me be more kind to myself and realize that the most important aspects of the celebration are:
and a remembrance of how special this little person is to us and that we are so very blessed to be helping her on the path of her life.

the book also has a lot of ideas for birthday traditions to establish such as greeting the child by a number of birthday kisses equal to his/her age and making the child a 'fairy path' leading him/her from the bedroom to a special birthday breakfast. i can't wait to do both of those on her special day!

image here (michael turned me on to geronimo balloons - amazing!) 


  1. thank you for this. my littlest's 1st birthday is just around the corner and as excited i am to make it so so special for him (and us ;)), i can't help but feel a little overwhelmed by all the pom poms and bunted banners and and and and on pinterest ;) my own mama always kept things simple...and they were some of the best birthday's i had growing up. the essentials are what matter most. cheers to your birthday girl! i'm sure her celebration will be just perfect. xo

  2. I've just started planning my son's 1st birthday ...even though its 3 months away. I am starting to feel so overwhelmed by it all.

    I just know you'll do a fabulous job with your daughter's!

  3. This is so true and such funny timing, because I just read a quote this weekend that speaks perfectly to this sentiment. I am really in to interior design and so I ordered a coffee table book by the Novogratz's that I'd been looking forward to for awhile. I don't know if you know who they are, but the Novogratz's are this now-famous, funky, uber-creative couple who run their own husband-wife design firm and are parents to 7 kids (!). They reside in New York and got popular because Bravo did a reality series on their lives called "9 by Design."

    Anyways I sat down to flip through this gorgeous coffee table book they wrote, and a few pages in there was a picture of the mom Cortney with her kids. The caption said: "People ask me how I am able to throw birthday parties for seven kids, and handle the stress of it all. I tell them it's simple. I get a cake and invite their friends." And I just adored that quote because even though I don't have kids, everyone these days can feel pressured to keep up with the jones's and have the most advanced technology, the newest iphone, the best 3 thousand dollar DSLR camera, throw the cutest most creative parties, and so it was so lovely to read a snazzy, successful mom just say "it's simple, I get a cake and invite the kids' friends." SO SIMPLE AND SO TRUE!! esPECIALLY with the whole genre of "kid birthday parties", the pressure and feeling to compete can be crazy. With some of the parties you're like, what would I have to do, rent a live petting zoo? Give each kid their own puppy as a party favor? Haha it can get out of hand. Even when I'm planning parties for a best friend or a family member, I'll look on blogs and Etsy and Pinterest for cute ideas and start to have mild panic attacks [that aren't so mild] about making sure the invitations are cute and made by hand by some quirky etsy seller, and the food is presented on cake stands, and tea lights are strung, and candle are lit, and guests have their own watercolor-dyed napkin, (hahaa) and stressing about all the details, and sure, presentation and visual creativity is all important, but at the end of the day, all I'd have to do is invite people over and feed them!! The rest is extra. Loved your post lady! xx

  4. What a perfect thing for your friend to do! I sometimes am paralyzed with too many birthday party ideas and feel the need to create something completely amazing when there are so many creative people sharing images of their parties on the web. And that kind of makes me a crazy mama. Our best birthday parties are exactly when we focus on those important ingredients written in the book and have a little fun with the rest (if there is time. :) )

  5. i'm sure whatever you plan will be absolute perfection. such a lucky little girl to have a mama who loves the way you do. xo

  6. perfect. <3 you are always so thoughtful i am sure it will be *just right*

  7. I'm birthday planning as well and Geronimo Balloons and Confetti System are huge inspirations for me! Of course, I am making my own versions of these beauties with tissue papers from my local Dollar Tree.

    This is my inspiration board:

    Lovely blog miss!

  8. That book is such truth!
    Parties with all the bells and whistles are fun, but parties without - that are full of love and thoughtfulness are just as fun, and often times more memorable. Happy Birthday Elodie!

  9. Thanks so much for sharing this. I often get really overwhelmed when planning my kids' birthday parties, especially since their only a month apart. Goodie bags, games, jumpers, no less than 40 on the guest list, family pressure...Ugh! I am saving this post to remind myself later that love is all you need, and a little cake :). Cheers!