Wednesday, December 14, 2011

good morning three

this morning we woke you up with three kisses and then walked with you down your "fairy path" (we hung streamers from the doors and down the hallway) to breakfast. you were so excited to see the house semi-transformed with streamers, balloons and candles. i love these little rituals we are creating together.

you know our phone numbers and address. you can spell your name. everytime you see a lady wearing a long dress you say "there's a princess mama." you will ask us a question and then tell us to ask you the same question. you are fascinated by all the cars driving around with christmas trees on them. when we drove by a dealership with cars inside you couldn't stop talking about how their were ribbons on the car.

you only want to wear tights and dresses. you would prefer if i let you wear just tights and nothing else out of the house. you crack me up a million times a day. you crack yourself up to. we love you madly. you are still close to the source and teach us so much everyday. i can't say it enough, thank you for choosing us to be your parents.

favorite songs:
jingle bells
rudolph the red nose reindeer ("from the giginning and from the top" you say)
twelve days of christmas (why did i teach you this, the longest song ever!)

favorite activities:
baking bread and cleaning up
making ornaments


  1. yes exactly. how lucky we are to be chosen by them. doesn't it blow your mind how you thought you knew the world and life and then you become a mother and it is like 'oh' so this is the secret, this is the other world.

  2. happy birthday little elodie. she knew what she was doing when she picked you guys. you're creating such a wonderful world for her.