Monday, December 5, 2011

less creates more

over thanksgiving we stayed with my family in the town where i was born. we walked along the beach everyday, twice a day, listening to the tide rise and fall. the ocean is so restorative. it is the only thing that comes close to erasing the ceaseless chatter from my mind. with it's rhythm, i start editing needless things from my life. when i saw this trailer for the goodwin project my heart surged with excitement. all that is beautiful is at our fingertips. we choose how strong we are, how educated we are, how caring we are. being truly aware is such a commitment. seeing this video made me want to be more present, be more humble, listen better. i have so much work to do but every day is a choice.

i particularly love one of the lines from the about page on their website.
“they step into the current faithfully, inquisitively, boldly and with good will.”

what a beautiful way to approach life. namaste to the goodwin family.

also, as an avid traveler, i really love seeing some of the favorite places i've been through different eyes. live vicariously is right!

image here


  1. So lovely. So glad you were able to relax and reboot with your beautiful family!


  2. wow. really incredible. i felt so moved by the imagery--not only by the beautiful landscapes, but i really felt the filmmakers captured the spirit of the family, don't you think? truly made my day :)

  3. A breath of fresh air.

  4. Oh man, this is just what I needed today, as I feel a bit homesick for Hawaii and am craving those Pacific waves. Sometimes I need reminding that the aloha can really come with us to each new place! I can't wait to follow this one.

  5. I love living by the water. It *is* amazingly restorative. The video is incredibly beautiful! Both in words and in images. And I really love that they showed their homebirth at the end!