Friday, April 29, 2011

row your boat

how cool is this little sailboat made out of a used shampoo bottle? what a great birthday gift!
from a dutch industrial designer naturally...

via coos and ahhs

Thursday, April 28, 2011


really, unless you are 15 you probably don't need to wear a bikini*. some lovely one pieces just in time for the hottest palm springs weekend this year!

the dionne by malia mills.

pretty crochet number (although the model could have worn a size up to make it a bit less crotchy).

indian inspired.

eres. this one and that one. sigh...

and of course, the santorini.

* full disclosure - i still wear bikinis sometimes!

image: anthropologie

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

the un-diaper bag

i've been asked quite a bit lately to recommend a good diaper bag. i think they are all pretty awful and just carry a tote with a travel changing pad. i've found my new spring/summer 'un-diaper' bag from the amazing los angeles line me and arrow. the designer, natsuko hagiwara, uses vintage deadstock fabrics and materials mixed with beautiful leather or colorful canvas. check out her cool line of bags and accessories - fantastic even if you don't have a babe in arms!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

the life you've always wanted

do something today that is life giving to you. run up a flight of stairs. eat some gelato. call someone you love and tell them. give a friend a hug and mean it. do some jumping jacks. listen to a beautiful song. better yet, sing it. be kind to yourself. and then, when you have done this thing, notice your gratitude. yes, it was always there but was covered in the dust of daily living.

image: norman parkinson

Friday, April 22, 2011

calm down

i read a book over the holidays that has helped me tremendously called 'simplicity parenting' by kim john payne.

the first time i read this book i cried. i cried out of guilt at all the things i felt i had already done wrong, i cried at what a sweet spirit i have been given to look out for and had been letting down, i cried because i have already taken her to disneyland and she's already watched yo gabba gabba which is SO out of line with the book. then i re-read, trying not to judge myself, to determine what i could implement into our daily lives. 

the four basic premises of his book and workshops are:

environment - de-cluttering too much stuff at home.

rhythm - increasing predictabability by introducing rhythmic movements for connection and calm.

scheduling - soothing violent schedules brings moments for being into all the doing.

unplugging - reducing the influence of adult concerns, media and consumerism on children and families increases resilience, social and emotional intelligence.

i have noticed subtle shifts in elodie's behavior when we follow his advice. we put away a bunch of toys and books that really can wait until she is older. we passively listen to music in the morning and night (unless we are having a dance party of course) and just as the sun always rises, she knows what her morning and nights are going to look like. because the nature of the world is towards entropy, simplicity takes a lot of tending to but i'm convinced it's worth it!

oh and p.s...

image via heather heron

Thursday, April 21, 2011


i love everything about this photo. the mural, the sassiness of the girl, the beauty amongst the grit. as elodie would say, we are going on an adventure this week! we are heading to seattle and central washington for some family time. i am really looking forward to 6 days with elodie all to myself. i'm planning on getting lots of vintage goodies and will definitely be adding to when i return!

image: from this amazing henri cartier bresson retrospective.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

i love you little drop of water

a book about a little drop of water. i shan't rest until i find a copy!

l'histoire de perlette goutte d'eau illustrated by bĂ©atrice appia via bibliodyssey

Monday, April 18, 2011

bien dans sa peau

i've been thinking about style a lot, especially as i get a bit older and pickier about how i live my life. i read a little essay recently by novelist carol edgarian about personal style and this passage really stood out to me, 'style begins with the people passing through one's life, the harbingers we push against and the stylemakers we want to clone. some are famous, some are not. style grows from admiration, from longing, from discrimination--and yes, from love. it's all the places you've been to and the people and the moments you've known: the parts you've adopted, to keep forever, and transformed. we wear our history in our hearts and on our backs.'

one of my favorite things about cultivating my personal style is thinking about the memories i'm making. the red dress from my honeymoon in rome, the long flowing lace dress i wore to a black tie event when i was 8 months pregnant, the vintage nurse's cape i wore in park city the first time elodie saw snow.
hopefully one day my daughter will want to wear a little piece of my history on her back...more than this, what i want for her is to feel comfortable in her skin. i want this terribly for her.

photo: 'leaving dover' by our talented friend ben ivanek

a trip down king's highway

highlights from a beautiful southern california weekend. i was born and raised here and i am in constant awe of it's diverse beauty...

- elodie's first sleepover with the appels (she dyed easter eggs and rode her bike everywhere) which meant i got some time with the papa!

- tri-tip sandwiches from the los olivos country market.

- a gorgeous wedding at an old farmhouse in santa ynez that was brought shingle by shingle from appalachia. i have never seen a prettier event venue and hope that i have something to celebrate here one day (vow renewal?)

- a lovely drive down highway 1 (the king's highway) from santa barbara to malibu

- fresh fish from reel inn in malibu

- exploring property to build a house in topanga canyon (so exciting!) - would love to live in the country but still be close to the city and ocean

all images using instagram - my favorite new app - it's like a mini blog!

Friday, April 15, 2011

good night little darlin'

we have quite a treasure trove of songs we listen to at bedtime. music is a critical learning tool for children and also a great way to relax and soothe them. here are a few of elodie's favorite songs for bedtime...

1. good night little arlo - woody guthrie
2. shake sugaree - elizabeth cotten
3. caribou - pixies (rockabye baby!)
4. stay awake - julie andrews (from mary poppins)

click to listen now (or right click to download)

what do your little ones like to hear? i'll be sure and share more next month!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

28 months old

my little girl. this last month has been huge for you. when i look at videos from even 4 months ago i see the leaps you have made in your language and your physicality. you love to climb, hop and run so fast. you climbed up into your chair for breakfast and said 'i getting so big' - bittersweet words for your mama. your favorite phrase is 'i do it myself' and i know you are realizing that you have a separate world from your mama and papa. your tantrums, oh honey, you are getting so good at those tantrums. i just try and picture a little squall passing over the sky and know that it will just be a moment until i get to see your beautiful smile again. spring is here and i am so grateful to be sharing a new season with you.

your favorite songs this month:
give said the little stream
once upon a dream (from sleeping beauty)

your favorite books:
caps for sale
spring is here
ollie the stomper

and p.s. i was reading you a book tonight and asked you where something was and you said 'i don't know!' (you've never said that before)

p.p.s.s. at dinner i announced that i ate all of my pasta and you pulled back from the table a bit, clapped your hands and said 'BRAVO!' - that's my girl!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

last weekend

our dear friends were in town all last week with their 2 month old august and 4 year old gracyn. elodie has been talking incessantly about her time with gracyn. we did have the best time filled with kites, a trip to the farmer's market and the aquarium, a birthday party, lavendar shortbread cookies at trails cafe and lots of time playing in the sunshine. so happy that they get to create childhood memories together. here are some pictures, better late than never!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

the littlest kitchen

i am seriously conflicted about the play kitchen. i can't tell you how many times over the past six months that i've gone online looking for the perfect one. i am in love, love, love with this wooden one that i saw on the selby but $300 - wow. i know that is the price you pay for good craftsmanship, non-toxic materials, etc but still. it's a fake kitchen. sooo i have asked elodie's crafty grandpa to make one for her 3rd birthday! we have been looking up plans online to modify and i'm so excited to make this little family heirloom. if anyone has one that they particularly love, please share!

image: the selby

Monday, April 11, 2011

seek with your heart

even when your head is telling you why you can't do something. bollocks to you head!

wonderful illustration by anja mulder via here

Friday, April 8, 2011

tea time

i've decided not to go on my cleanse until may. good friends are in town and then i have a big trip at the end of the month. i just can't commit. i am going to give up a few things to hopefully get a little spring back in my step. coffee, wheat and (some) sugar. if my tea set up looks this good, it shouldn't be a problem.

oh, and we are off to north county (san diego) this weekend! even though it's meant to be rainy, i'm hoping for some walking on my favorite beach in leucadia, fish tacos and time with a few close old friends.

image: bellocq tea atelier via simple lovely

Thursday, April 7, 2011

i like you

it's true. i do! i am swamped with my corporate work right now but feeling grateful for the support of such a rad online community. in case you missed the blitzkrieg yesterday, joy and bri did a {closet & casa} on the antonias! AND i launched a little shop full of vintage goodies. ok, now back to the photoshoppin'!

psssst...these keychains make me smile from ear to ear.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

the littlest vintage is here!

so after a wonderful experience selling my vintage pieces in a pop-up shop at hd buttercup this past holiday season, i have decided to make an online shop as well. but this is just the beginning of the littlest parade! stay tuned for graphic tees, onesies and more for your little ones. i am also {cross fingers} going to launch my collection of vintage-inspired clothes late this year and will hopefully be documenting some of the process here. for now, find some vintage goodies here!

image: scan from a gyo fujikawa book

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

beautiful inside and out

seeing one of my favorite childhood books beautifully hand embroidered by artist jillian tamaki fills me with glee like you can't even imagine. i can't wait to sit down on a rainy saturday afternoon and read 'the secret garden' with elodie. 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

don't be lonely

oh my goodness! when i came across this image on momfilter my heart lept. how could i forget about the lonely doll series by dare wright. how cool that they have reissued these really interesting stories from my childhood. i am going to save until elodie is a bit older, i seem to remember having to warm up to her.

Friday, April 1, 2011

suitable for spring

i always want to read pablo neruda in the spring. i love how the world is coming to life!!

'i will bring you happy flowers from the mountains, bluebells, dark hazels, and rustic baskets of kisses. i want to do to you what spring does with the cherry trees.' - from 'every day you play' by pablo neruda

image: a scan from an old better homes and garden