Sunday, July 31, 2011

i got five on it

our fifth wedding anniversary is coming up on sunday, july 31st. we actually became a couple in december 2001 though so that puts us at almost ten years together. what a beautiful journey this is with you. next week we shall celebrate, until then, happy anniversary my love.

taken in italy, 2007.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

louise's backyard bbq shower

today i'm in london hosting my best friend's baby shower so i thought i'd post the other really fun baby shower we had last week for my sweet friend louise lynch (look at how beautiful she is!) we had a backyard bbq, cupcakes from lark with sparklers that spelled B-A-B-Y and a game where each person had to put what they thought the lynches should name their little boy (and the lynches had to guess who they thought put the name.) how cool is it that their last name is lynch? the kid is going to be bad ass without even trying. sooo anyone have any cute names they'd like to share? we can't wait to meet you baby lynch!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

who's afraid of the little baby wolf?

so the graphic for the 'baby animals and me' class comes from the book 'baby animals' by the excellent illustrator gyo fujikawa. we own this book and i sure am glad we did because the main phrase in it is 'baby animals come big and small. they are very young, so they like to be petted and snuggled...gently.'

we really needed this reminder today as a 4 month old timberwolf came to visit. today's class also had a baby pot bellied pig (the big bad wolf and the little pig - ha!) and a chicken. super fun! here are some pics.

Monday, July 25, 2011

baby animals in beachwood canyon

i posted a while back about the 'baby animals and me' class that my friend betsy was organizing. it's pretty much the sweetest thing ever. at the beginning of the class she sent out a little sheet of 'guidelines' entitled 'children play best.' it really made an impression on me so i'm sharing here.

children play best...
when adults are watchful but not instructive.
when their trust in life is whole, when they welcome the unknown and are fearless.
when the world is shared with them. when there are places and spaces they can make their own.
when the games are free of adult agenda and when their transformations require no end product.
when their senses are directly engaged with nature and the elements.
when they can reveal themselves, their joys, sufferings and concerns, without fear of ridicule and when mystery and imagination are not defined by fact.

it reminded me of magda gerber's books but a little less instructive to the parents themselves.

i've really enjoyed this series, which is coming to an end this week. i can't wait to see what she comes up with next! here are some pictures from the first class which takes place under two huge joshua trees. i have more scheduled to post later this week while i'm in london which have a baby timberwolf and tubs full of babies. oooh!

'children play best' from 'the genius of play' by sally jenkinson 
pictures of jude, elodie, felix and lake

Sunday, July 24, 2011


i cannot get enough of rompers on elodie. they cover the knees so i started getting them for her when she was a crawler and have been hooked since. they admittedly aren't the easiest for potty training but she loves her nico nico so we deal with it! my three favorite this summer are by nico nico, bobo choses and bon ton.

middle image: jesse chamberlin

Friday, July 22, 2011

it's calling...

i have sooo much to post about, however, i haven't had two moments to plan my trip to london on monday. one of my closest friends is 8 months pregnant and we are having a shower for her. i am really looking forward to spending this time with her before the baby comes. so today, i'm prepping. i would love and appreciate any ideas of things to do! have a wonderful weekend!
image here.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

full circle

for me, the sakura bloom styleathon has been a beautiful exercise in all of the different stages of becoming a mother. getting our bearings in our new skin which is much different than the one we had before babies came our way. some steps have more spit up and looser clothes and some find us in our white jeans that we can finally pull back on (but will have foot marks on them in no time) -  at each point we hold our little ones close. sometimes to run an errand, sometimes to point out the fairies in a tree. at every step of the way we are connected to them. we are also connected to each other.

while our journeys are so intensely personal, with a community of women to rely on, learn from and help support us we can do anything. it's kind of a miracle! i wanted to try and communicate this in my last entry. i invited two women who are a part of my community (who also have style for days) to participate in this video. betsy, mother of 4 month old mirth, and louise, 36 weeks pregnant with her first child, a boy. i called them with an idea that i wasn't sure i could pull off in a day but it turned out exactly as my heart imagined -- showing the connection we have to each other as mothers, sisters, daughters, aunties, friends. i feel grateful to share this most human of experiences with them, the other mothers in the sakura bloom styleathon and all of the wonderful readers.

i love the intention behind the sakura bloom styleathon -- to share babywearing while adding our own personal style. after reading all of the other mothers beautiful, heartfelt posts i really see that we aren't that different from each other. whether we choose to dress up or dress down, we all have our own means of self expression and our love for our children (and babywearing) unites us. the beauty and individuality shines through because of this love. i know this is a sponsored post (my first) but it really resonated with me and i am so proud to have participated.

so a thank you to leigh for hosting the styleathon and being one of the first blogs i gravitated to online because of your unique voice. you uplift me and make me feel like i'm part of a wonderful community.

thank you to lilla p, selima optique and marla cielo for your effortlessly chic products - it couldn't have been easier to style in to the outfits.

and last but not least lynne from sakura bloom. i am so inspired by your work and am happy to have these slings to keep for my next baby (if i'm lucky...)

you will recognize the dress in the video as the one in the bottom photo. i wore it because it reminds me of the days i held my belly and dreamt of my daughter. who she was, would become and how i would help her on her path. i carry her with me and sing the song, 'home is wherever i'm with you.' thank you elodie and michael. everyday is wondrous with you and i finally feel i have roots.

my outfit//
dress: h&m
marc jacobs i love you necklace
shoes: jeffrey campbell
sling: c/o sakura bloom pixie in rock candy

sling: c/o sakura bloom simple linen in wheat

elodie's outfit//
dress: h&m
shoes: saltwater sandals

in my delirium last night, i neglected to thank louise, betsy, mirth, elodie and geoff. i could not have done this without each of your help!!

the song is 'one day old' by woody guthrie.

p.s. one of my favorite photos taken by my mother on my birthday!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

how i (try to) juggle it all

i met joanna (and she probably doesn't know this) when i was having one of the hardest months of adjusting to working full time with an infant at home. there were many sleepless nights and bouts of mastitis. i would go into work and snap at co-workers, i couldn't remember anything, i felt like such a mess. i was new to los angeles and had very few mother friends and so used the littlest as an outlet for my journey into motherhood.

she has been one of a handful of friends who have been influential in turning my blog from a personal love letter to elodie into an everyday life scrapbook. i wrote a post for her new 'work/life' balance series on a cup of jo that went up while i was on vacation last week. i tried to be as honest as i can about my perspective on juggling everything because mothering can be tough and feel very lonely. i was just blown away by the posts of the other mothers and, most of all, by the readers.

the ultimate thread that ran through all of the posts for me was sacrifice. we are all in this together. be kind to yourselves and one another. we are doing the best we can to make a life with our families. what else is more important?

see all of the posts here.

image: joanna and toby 

Monday, July 18, 2011

coming down the mountain

we got back last night from 5 nights in big sur and i have so much to share...but also a mile long to do list in an attempt to play real life catchup. for now, i will put these sweet moments up from my trip. i am grateful that we had the time and resources this year to have a family trip with our friends the chamberlins (we threw some work in the mix to justify it!) you would think after many hours in the car with a toddler and a 5 month old i would be exhausted, but, in truth i'm a little heartsick already missing jesse, whitney and baby august. i am thankful to have them as part of our family. we love you! (and miss gracyn!)

all photos by the always inspiring jesse chamberlin

Friday, July 15, 2011

i wouldn't change a thing...

well maybe. i did get married back in 2006 when dinosaurs roamed the earth and 100 layer cake, once wed and snippet & ink were great ideas waiting to happen. head over to east side bride to find out what i would change about my wedding day. it surprised even me.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

a time for play

over 4th of july weekend we went to palos verdes to visit some friends who were taking a holiday down there - we took a walk along the seaside, skipped rocks, went swimming and played until the children crashed on the beds. the next day we had a morning play date at our friend amanda's house - elodie and malena played in their green summer garden, frolicked in the kitty pool and ate homemade peach popsicles. there is something so beautiful about watching elodie be with her friends. she still does parallel play quite a bit but seeing her silly side come out during moments with her little buddies or grabbing a hand of a friend makes my heart swell all the way up outside my body and across the ocean (i like it alot.) it is also interesting to watch her first moments of conflict and realize that she is subject, like all of us, to moments of pain and confusion. i love watching all of her experiences.

today you are 31 months. this has been a watershed month for you - you are wearing undies fulltime now!! we took you to pick out your own underwear (bambi and minnie mouse) and the rest was history. we are so proud of you! you love to wear dresses and get upset if we leave the house without one (even to carry).

in the car the other day you said, 'i'm not a little baby, i'm a little girl' - so bittersweet for me but it's really beautiful to watch you grow.

activities you like:
- watercolors, watercolors and more watercolors - big pads of paper, a few brushes and we have ourselves a great afternoon
- you love puzzles and are going after more complex ones
- calling mama on this fisher price phone
- you like picking up sticks/branches when we go hiking
- you are also really in to being a naked little summer baby and play for hours in the sprinklers!

- you love to strum the guitar and sing 'twinkle, twinkle, little star'
- mama sings you 'good night moon aka stay awake' from mary poppins every night
- smile of the crocodile

- summer by gerda muller
- the bear's new friend by karma wilson
- i am a bunny by ole risom (she has always loved this one!)

you love your bla bla bunny, the unicorn delilah gave you and your special summer blanket all the way from rajasthan!

i love you sweet girl. you are growing like a weed!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

new items on the littlest shop

so i was fortunate to come across some lovely ladies selling off a huge collection of the 1940s line Gay Sprites and Merry Mites. here is an article from oh, just, 1948 telling the history behind this line. i am away through the rest of the week but place an order while i'm gone and i will include a sweet little CD of our favorite songs - some kid, some not. so visit the littlest shop today!

i will be here. don't come looking.

this week we are heading up to san francisco and driving down the coast to big sur to shack up for 5 nights with jesse, whitney and baby august (aka butters.) elodie and i even get to babysit this delicious 5 month old and drive all the way back to los angeles with them! i'm a sucker for a road trip. there is literally zero phone reception and spotty wireless at best - sounds like a dream! i'm looking forward to hikes, great food and even better company.

images: here and here

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


for some reason these images made me want to re-read 'you are your child's first teacher' by rahima baldwin. i first checked it out from the library when elodie was a year old and it left a strong impression on me. children have such different needs and ways of learning based on their age but you can see their spirit as the thread that runs through every year of their life. what a beautiful metamorphosis.

image: the ever controversial sally mann

Monday, July 11, 2011

i love you pooh

a wonderful collaboration by atsuyo + akiko and winnie the pooh. if anyone is looking to get elodie a present - look no further!

images here

hotter than july...

this weekend michael was in maine and elodie and i had the weekend to explore summer (and try to keep cool!) we definitely made the most of it:

music class
a quick bite at food + lab 
then off to the cutest little lemonade stand i ever did see put on by my lovely friend paige
after a quick nap in the car (gotta get those in somehow) we had a pool party with some more fun friends and then home
i fell asleep on the couch

morning coffee at cafe de leche in highland park where we read some cute books
the rose bowl flea market and lemon ice in the park
a loooong nap for both of us (well i worked a bit)
and then papa came home just in time for dinner.

sweet summer lovin!

top: polaroids by max wanger
bottom: my instagram

Friday, July 8, 2011

happy friday

so the second round of the sakura bloom styleathon, a babywearing documentary, is up on marvelous kiddo - make sure to read all of the entries - they are really beautiful. i also wanted to tell you to go on over and enter to win a fantastic sling from the linen collection. these slings are so well made and will make your baby happy! my head is spinning with ideas for the third round - a video - hmmmmm.....

sling: c/o sakura bloom simple silk sling in charcoal
sunglasses: c/o selima optique
3/4 sleeve tunic: c/o lilla p
stripe split placket tank: c/o lilla p
jeans: j brand
belt: vintage
tote: a gift from a close friend brought all the way back from a real moroccan bazaar ;)
jewelry: greek coin necklace from street vendor in nyc & mal de ojo bracelet
wedges: vintage (kinda like these)

elodie's dress: splendid sample
sandals: saltwater

all photos by my wonderful friend sarah yates

Thursday, July 7, 2011


sometimes before we start dinner at night i let elodie watch a little of my favorite disney vignettes. here are a couple of them...

disney's robin hood title sequence complete with 'the whistle stop song' - elodie loves when we whistle this song to her before bed!

'oo-de-lally' from the same movie!

the elephant song from jungle book

a spoonful of sugar from mary poppins

golden afternoon from alice in wonderland

la la lu from lady and the tramp

once upon a dream from sleeping beauty

what are your favorites? i can't wait to show her the siamese cat song from lady and the tramp when she is a bit older.

image: still from robin hood

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


'if speaking is silver, than listening is gold.' - turkish proverb

that's all.

image: david hamilton

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

mama kanga, baby roo

elodie's entrance into the world was a transition from a comforting, cloistered environment into a noisy and bright moroccan bazaar. the soft murmur of her inside world made way for an assault on every sense. she had no concept of day or night and it was our job as parents to nurture her through this transition. for the first several weeks, we were her world. whenever my shoulders ached from marathon breastfeeding sessions and i was so tired i could hardly stand it i would try and remember this. so when she was two days old i weakly put on the sling. it was liberating to keep her cocooned and have her nurse or sleep peacefully wherever we were. just like she did inside of me.

now elodie is 2 1/2 and she still learns so much while being worn. on our walks, i stop to point out a pomegranate tree, a pretty cloud, the rain, every season something new. i remember when she was weeks old worrying that she wasn't stimulated enough. somehow i settled into the idea that if i carried her with me i could talk with her, sing with her or just be and still get things done.

her world has grown to include the hilltops, stars, sky and beyond. i see her thinking about these things and though her horizons have broadened she still wants to be nestled close to me. she says that i'm 'mama kanga' and she is 'baby roo' when i wear her. i'm grateful she wants to be close to me with her little hand pinching the back of my arm. i will close my eyes as an old woman and this will count as one of my fondest memories. 

cooking dinner, nursing, teaching, comforting a sick baby -- the world goes around because of all the different mamas out there. we are all parenting in a way that is unique to us but the message is the same - love and comfort to our little ones. you can see a mama carrying/wearing her child from a mile away with her intuitive rock back and forth, back and forth. such an admirable sight and one that connects us to each other.

sling: c/o sakura bloom simple silk sling in charcoal
sunglasses: c/o selima optique
3/4 sleeve tunic: c/o lilla p
stripe split placket tank: c/o lilla p
jeans: j brand
belt: vintage
tote: a gift from a close friend brought all the way back from a real moroccan bazaar ;)
jewelry: greek coin necklace from street vendor in nyc & mal de ojo bracelet
wedges: vintage (kinda like these)

elodie's dress: splendid sample
sandals: saltwater

my outfit was inspired by this pretty mama. whether i'm riding a bike, having a picnic, strolling through a farmer's market, adventure is there for the taking and a beautiful sling, jeans, a tank/classic tunic combo and straw basket can be versatile enough to do all those things in!!  

read all of the entries from round two of the sakura bloom styleathon and stay tuned for another giveaway on marvelous kiddo!!

all photos by my wonderful friend sarah yates

Monday, July 4, 2011

time travelin' 4th of july

i always reflect on holidays, so funny to think that this time 6 years ago, michael and i were riding our bikes around on the lower east side of manhattan shooting bottle rockets out of empty soda cans. we are so grown up now! but honestly, if i had a sitter, i'd do the same this year!! 

here we are (below) 2 years ago and today we were fortunate enough to be with a lot of the same friends (and some great new ones too!) hope everyone had a great day celebrating the fourth. now please, no more fireworks, our dog is a nervous wreck.

Friday, July 1, 2011

mama birkin

next week's sakura bloom styleathon post was inspired by this effortless mama.
her style makes me want to...
go sailing
share a gelato with elodie
sit at a café and people watch
explore a forest
ride a bike
picnic in the park with friends
sit in a hammock with a citron pressé
listen to couleur café by serge gainsbourg and dance
in other words...have an adventure!!!

i will be doing at least five or more of the above this weekend.
have a wonderful fourth of july with your friends and family!!

images 1, 2, 3, 4, 5