Tuesday, January 17, 2012

oh my geez

we are going to bali!! i'm happy that so many people i know and respect have traveled there to surf, do yoga and work as midwives. the word magical has come up every time this place is described. i'm a firm believer in stepping out of one's comfort zone and although i have a wee bit of anxiety thinking about the 22 hours of travel alone with elodie, i know it will be worth it. we've flown many places together but this is the furthest and most exotic. i know it's going to be wildly different than anything i've seen yet. so excited for the culture shock!

and if anyone has been to bali (or has travel tips for a long plane ride with a toddler) i'm all ears!



  1. congratulations! bali is absolute paradise - and it's probably our favourites among the indonesian islands (and southeast Asia?)! there's so much to do and eat there. a great family friendly spot will be ubud - and our favourite place to stay is the alam indah (http://www.alamindahbali.com/accomodations.htm) - a really gorgeous b&b with traditional decor and amazing staff. they served us breakfast on our own veranda! and also in ubud is the ubud hanging gardens - which is new and we haven't stayed there yet, but looks absolutely beautiful with this infiniti pool that drifts into the rice paddies! http://www.ubudhanginggardens.com

    ubud's also got a great scene of cafés, art galleries, cute boutiques, yoga and spas! check out some of the bali-related posts from http://toutlemon.de! and as for the beach - steer clear of kuta - it's crazy on the tourists and can resemble mexico on spring.

    you and your family will love it there so much! waterfalls, beaches, rainforest, temples and amazing food! enjoy your trip!

  2. We are actually leaving to Bali in a week! We are there for 1.5 month. It sounds like your flight is shorter than ours. We have 2 stops (Tokyo and Singapore) and the entire thing takes over 30 hours (gulp...). We will see how we do with our 1.5 year old:) I will be posting our adventure on our blog, so stop by in a week or so... I should have some glimps from Bali then!


  3. We came back from Bali yesterday.

    My 5 and 8 year old LOVE the place.

    It is dirty, hot, friendly, crazy, busy and beautiful.
    There is a real magical quality about the place.

    Restaurants to try: Biku, Gado Gado, Ultimo, La Sal - all in Seminyak

  4. you two will have the time of your lives... sounds amazing..... so exited for you!!!

  5. Sounds amazing!! Never been but its on the bucket list!

    Perhaps you could do a post about travel in general? You seem to be a lady on the go and I would love, love, love to read about travel from your perspective- how you afford it, arrange it, make it happen so often!

  6. What a lovely trip for your family! xxo

  7. Hi, I'm a reader from Singapore! I've written about Bali here which I've visited thrice http://thebokeeffect.com/tag/bali

  8. hi there, you will love bali. we've been there several times as my dad was actually there in the peace corps a long time ago. now we consider it home away from home. my parents are actually there right now & staying in ubud. it's changed so much over the years, and there are some sad aspects, but overall it's beyond magical. if you want some more info, feel free to email me at summer (dot) drew (at) gmail.com! my aunt and uncle live there and own one of the most veritable institutions in kuta (poppies bali). you will LOVE bali. xx

  9. i have been to bali many times!! i went often with my family as a child growing up in singapore and then i went with my husband for our honeymoon!! bali is truly a beautiful, fun, exciting place. the people are so sweet. the beaches are gorgeous with great waves if you want to surf and sayan is the "hill country" on the inner part of the island--beautiful for site seeing and market shopping. the whole island is awesome. have fun!!!!!!


  11. The best advise for restaurants, is make sure you eat at places that are busy with locals/ex-pats. That way you will know the food will be good/fresh.

  12. Oh me oh my - with envy I read your post! You will love Bali - it is one of my favorite places on the planet and whenever my husband and I joke about packing up and heading somewhere, the destination is Bali.

    You can read about our favorite places here:http://www.ewers.biz/circle-the-pacific-tour/indonesia/ubud/

    I agree, don't miss Ubud. You can avoid Kuta. The Gilli Islands are amazing, as is a pre-dawn hike up the volcano. The Kecak (fire dance) is set up for tourists but it will astound you. And as for the rest, just walk through the rice paddies and let the grace and goodness of this place seep into your skin.

    Bon Voyage!

  13. Get in touch with Erin at Yummy Supper - she and her family spent ages in Bali last year and had an amazing experience - you'll see on her blog - but i am sure she'll give you a fantastic insider's view on how to experience the best of Bali. Stay away form Kuta - it is dire. Ubud is divine, xxx

  14. Bali will be wonderful!

    Here are some toddler traveler tips that I've collected over the last year to help us survive trips to/from Kenya and most recently Costa Rica.

    1. Small wind up plastic toys (once you start looking for these you will see them everywhere). These work great on the tray table.
    2. Melissa and Doug's sticker books- super awesome stickers, bring your own blank paper and you (I mean your toddler :) can create tons of different scenes.
    3. A yoyo or large bouncy ball- these work great while waiting in the terminal.
    4. Coloring books and crayons
    5. Ipad applications (always a last option for us but it does work like a charm, we like Elmo's ABC app the best, especially Grover's ABC video)
    6. Wrapping of the wind ups, yoyo, ball in newspaper to be unwrapped while on the plane.
    7. I like to pack lots of different snacks, clothing changes and various (in case of accidents and weather changes), and pj's and a swimsuit (the necessities in case luggage is lost).
    8. To deal with time changes, we always try to get on the local time as soon as possible- even though this can be really challenging.
    9. Plane ride- something to suck on or chew to help with ears
    10. Snacks in luggage for when you arrive just in case Elodie (or you all) need something quick and familar to eat(i.e, cheddar bunnies, pretzels, apple sauce pouches)

    Hope this helps- have an amazing trip!

  15. Echoing the above, avoid Kuta like the plague. The beach is covered in trash and it's very dirty. Seminyak is great for a few days, but very, very western. It's the resort area with many great restaurants, but not very cultural. If you do base in Seminyak, it's worth a day trip to go to Nusa Dua to have a beach day. The waves are very calm and it's great for little kids. There is also a wonderful beach cafe all the way at the end of the beach below the cliffs. Wonderful grilled lobster and seafood.

    You need to be careful w/ little ones in Seminyak. The sidewalks are in a terrible state and you have to pay attention to not trip. Frequently, you'll need to walk in the street b/c of this and traffic is very busy and they don't really adhere to western norms of yielding to pedestrians. Also, there are scooters everywhere so you have to be super careful stepping out into traffic.

    I would really recommend spending lots of time in Ubud. It's the cultural heart of Bali and there is so much to do and see. We rented scooters for the day and drove around to the little villages and it was absolutely magical. The rice paddies and green hills, gorgeous. For little ones, the monkey forest in Ubud is a must. I could have spent all day there.

    Bali is one of the most amazing places I've ever been. I would love, love to go back there some day.

  16. i truly want to thank you all for your lovely tips/advice. it has been so useful in helping us plan our trip!! xoox