Tuesday, January 31, 2012

the siren song of seattle

seattle was trying to work her magic on me last week. in one day it went from looking like this...

to looking like this...crazy considering the week prior had been "snowmageddon."

this city has played such a crucial role in my life. i've visited every summer since i was five and seattle to me still means the warm smell of pine trees and bark. hot air balloons sailing across the sky above redmond and woodinville. the sun setting after nine pm every night (which was quite frustrating when i was little and bedtime was at eight.) the ballard locks. pike's place market. the science center and space needle. crossing the sound on a ferry and seeing whales off in the distance. i love the northwest. it's where i met my husband and eventually married. where i learned to snowboard. my favorite place on this earth is there (it's a secret!) so each time i go up, i'm almost happy when it rains. because i know the reality of the incessant dreary, bone-chilling days and i don't want to think, "what if..."

still, i try and go a few times every year. i will be posting some of my favorite restaurants and cafes soon!


  1. So beautiful! Seattle is definitely at the top of my places-to-visit list.

  2. Have you ever told the story of how you met your husband? I thought it was in NY, but I guess that was based on you talking about when you were living there. I'd love to hear it. :)


  3. YAY! I love when people have such sweet things to say about my home...it has been such a beautiful winter up here so I am glad you were able to enjoy it.

  4. I miss Seattle alot. When I used to live in Vancouver we would go visit almost on a monthly basis. I still have lots of friends there and I'm a little sad to be on the East coast now :(

  5. Seattle is one of my favorite places on earth.
    I must admit, after living in London, I kind of love the incessant dreary days. Weird?! Because Denver gets more than 300 days of sunshine, so it seems kind of backwards!

  6. This is such a lovely post. You completely captured the magic of being up here. :)