Wednesday, February 8, 2012

a little ritual

recently, i've been drinking espresso rather than my typical americano or cup of tea. it's such a delicious little ritual. you wait while the barista lays out the saucer, spoon and a small glass of seltzer. next, they pour a perfect creamy shot of espresso into a lovely little cup. you might decide to take it at the bar if you are alone and make conversation with the employees or take it back to your table and enjoy it with your friends. my friend mona, whom i met while living in france, always said that if sugar took a while to penetrate the rich top coat that it was a good shot of espresso. she was something of a coffee snob even way back then. i normally don't take sugar with it but every once in a while i pour some in just to see.

picture taken at proof bakery in los angeles. the pastries are incredible (as is the espresso!)


  1. mmmm. this looks delicious. and im in need of another coffee break right about now :)

  2. Your friend is right about the espresso sugar theory. The perfect shot of espresso should hold sugar on top for almost 10 seconds. Ahh random barrista knowledge :)

    Also that espresso + croissant looks amazing.