Monday, February 27, 2012


when i first moved to los angeles, i remember listening to an episode of this american life where a famous food critic, jonathan gold, spent time trying to eat his way across pico blvd. this street is known for it's food diversity and has literally hundreds of ethnic restaurants ranging from guatamalan, oaxacan, korean, salvadoran, persian, japanese, and thai all the way to brazilian. while i am admittedly not as adventurous of an eater as jonathan gold, i do like to go down to pico to see another side of la's restaurant culture.

this weekend we found ourselves at papa cristo's. it's a greek marketplace/taverna where you can get greek provisions and also some seriously tasty food. it's always a treat when papa cristo himself is around as he likes to spoil the children with little cookies. you are likely to see a handful of ancient women wearing their all black garb standing in line for fresh bread and olives or families joining together after a service at the greek orthodox church down the street. eating here reminds me how vast the city is and how much there is left to see!


  1. I love places that have a sense of community and this place seems to have it in spades. And what make me like it more is the fact that he gives out cookies to the children--so sweet!

  2. how delightful! this makes me so happy. when i get down to la i must try this place out. xo

  3. oh man!! That is the ONE place I wanted to go to before we moved from Santa Monica. I heard so much about it. It looks as charming as it was portrayed to me. How fun!