Wednesday, February 1, 2012

seattle short list

a quick list of some of my favorite cafés, restaurants, and things to do on capitol hill and downtown seattle. this list is just the tip of the iceberg. i could seriously go on and on about the revolution that is happening in ballard and on 15th ave and might in a future post!

on capitol hill//
stumptown - hands down the best espresso.

top pot - we used to live within walking distance of top pot. when it opened i literally gained five pounds from trying all the different donuts. i try to limit my visits to every other time i'm in seattle.

bauhaus - i had one of my first interactions with my husband-to-be here so it holds a place in my heart forever. great coffee and pastries.

vivace - this is where you want to get a fancy latte.

café presse  - presse is one of my favorite types of restaurants. you can go in the morning for breakfast, meet friends there for lunch, sit at the bar for an appetizer, or come in late night for a lillet, mint tea and a plate of cookies. i took my grandma and she says they have the best sandwich she's ever eaten (croque monsieur) i don't eat ham but i think she's had a lot of sandwiches in her eighty seven years so i'll take her word. don't miss the sister restaurant le pichet downtown. also fantastic! 

oddfellows café - good for breakfast, lunch or dinner. there are a lot of really cute shops on this block as well.

than brothers pho - i am a little bit squeamish when it comes to bits and bobs in my pho. than brothers has a veggie pho that will knock your socks off. and it comes with a little cream puff. super filling and delicious for less than $6!

the kingfish cafe - best southern food you will probably have outside the south. the fried green tomatoes are a must!

back in the dot com days, i worked at pier 70 down at the seattle waterfront. i would ride my old raleigh through pike place market every morning for breakfast and endure the even more brutal hill climb every night. i still cannot get enough of the fresh produce, even fresher donuts and fantastic waterfront views.

café campagne (and le pichet) are great brunch spots in pike's place market.

shiro's and maneki are my top recs for sushi and i've heard wonderful things about momiji on capitol hill. 

and if you are after chinese food then make sure you visit shanghai garden and tamarind tree for vietnamese (head over to uwajimaya for some browsing after!)

and i must give a recommendation for my favorite yoga studio. if you ever get a little extra time and are looking for an amazing class, i highly recommend samadhi yoga on 12th and pike. it is inspired by jivamukti in nyc so a little bit more spiritual than your average yoga class but you will leave feeling happy inside and out. i was lucky enough to be able to practice with one of my oldest teachers and it left me wishing i had a studio half as good in los angeles. 

i hope to share more next time i'm up (next time i'll bring my real camera too!)


  1. I am actually visiting Seattle for the first time next month so this was really timely advice for me! I am definitely going to try these suggestions! Is there anywhere you would recommend staying? Possibly in Capitol Hill?

  2. I could not agree more with your suggestions! So good! I go to SU Law so I'm on the hill a lot. Oddfellows is definitely one of my favorite lunch spots, and Presse is perfect for a quick lunch + drink (because you know, sometimes class is better after a beer ha).

    Also, did you get to try sitka and spruce at their new location? I haven't been to it yet - but when it was in that strip mall - it was so so amazing!

    Yay Seattle! I think you did a really really great job with this post!

  3. oh, it looks like stumptown has the loveliest coffee cups!

  4. I fell completely in love with Seattle last summer - the water, the views, the markets... Our top picks were Delancey, Sitka & Spruce, The Walrus and the Carpenter, Artisan Honore Bakery and Spinasse, such good memories now I just wish the Pacific Northwest was closer to Edinburgh!

  5. you two are so cute! I love the photo of you and your grandma! mmm and Pho?! yes please!

  6. My husband and I visited Seattle this last August and immediately wanted to move. We rented a condo on Capitol Hill (11th and Harrison) and it was the best location to explore the city from. We found Cafe Presse and visited it twice! It is the kind of place we are always lamenting Austin doesn't have.

    Ashley - I just saw your post and this is where we stayed and loooved it:

  7. @Gemma I still haven't been to Delancey! Also love spinasse, la spiga, dahlia bakery and macrina. so much good food!

    @heather - we also need something like cafe presse here...if i had half the mind i would open one!

    @ashley i would recommend staying on capitol hill or downtown. if you have a car it might also be nice to find something in ballard? i'm really out of touch with the hotel scene there. the ace downtown is quite affordable though and is right across the street from macrina!

  8. I loved seeing your posts about Seattle! We just moved to Seattle about 6 months and we absolutely love it here! It's funny though, we feel like we are always busy, but with a medical residency salary and a 2 year old boy, the lack of money and time prevent us from doing all the wonderful things that this city offers. So happy we will be here for many years! Thank you for your suggestions...adding them now to the ever growing list!

  9. i would move to seattle for top pot. like, now.