Monday, February 13, 2012

weekends are for...

exploring your city! the weather was gorgeous and we spent a lot of time outdoors. elodie had a blast at her new dance class and it was so fun watching her and her little friends making cute moves. i always thought that we'd wait until she turned four to start ballet/tap but she loves it! on sunday, we made a quick stop by the rose bowl flea market. i've been a little turned off lately by it's high prices and vendors unwilling to haggle but it's still a great place to find little curios and beautiful vintage. everyone haggles - even on portobello road - get with it rose bowl. we ended the weekend with a pot of turkey bolognese, some extra stinky cheeses, fresh bread, cerignola olives and a big arugula salad from the farmer's market. a beautiful weekend in LA!


  1. so great that she loves ballet! I still remember my mom taking me to ballet class when I was 4 was a pretty sweet time

  2. Oh God. I haven't read your blog for a while (lost the address and just found it back :) and your daughter has grown a lot ! She's so cute :)