Wednesday, March 7, 2012

almost three and a quarter

it's been a while since i wrote to you my dear girl. i feel like i am always saying "this is my favorite age" and then all of a sudden you grab my face and say something that blows me away. this week i had the opportunity to tell a stranger about you and it really made me stop and think about who you are. you are kind, thoughtful, gentle and one of the most reflective people i've ever met. you have finally stumbled upon the genius of why? a way to learn so much about the world with one simple word. 

you ask, "why are you my mama? why you not D's mama (a boy at school)?" and i respond, "because you chose me as your mama before you were born" i know that might sound crazy to some but i really believe that you were meant for me and i was meant for you. it is not a mistake that you are here with us. 

at three and a quarter you love to do somersaults, ride a bike with training wheels, paint, bake and pretend to "run away from monsters." you adore your big girl bed, your two bears (blueberry and baby blueberry) and want to listen to the winnie the pooh soundtrack morning, noon, and night. 

you just started dance class a couple of weeks ago and have a fun time following your friend malena around but aren't that interested in actually doing any moves just yet. fine with me. it's a joy watching you gallop along and twirl around in your tutu. the ballet teacher asked all of you girls what your favorite color was and while most responded "sparkly rainbow gold" you said, "gray." i love that you are in your own world calling the shots. 

i'll admit, i'm trying to let go a little and let you choose your outfits (i am an art director after all) - it does get hard because you would wear the same polka dot dress and grey tights every day if you had your druthers. still, watching you dress yourself from head to toe with such confidence is such a treat. 

you this time last year (at two) 

two years ago (at 14 months)

and finally at 7 weeks old...

you were always there.


  1. I love this post--beautifully written!

  2. you're such a thoughtful mama. i hope i will be too some day! happy wednesday!

  3. i love your posts, i feel you always remind me of something that helps me be a better mama.

    question....what iphone do you use? i'm overwhelmed by the good, better, best (priced accordingly lol). most of all i want to grab pics of my kiddos as i feel imspired.....just with which camera (phone)? :)

  4. beautiful post. i love reading your letters to E... reminds me of the way i feel about my little S. My daughter started ballet too and i loved how creative and different her answers were too from her fellow playmates. : )

  5. what a doll! those bangs are just the most adorable! my sweet carson is a few months ahead and i totally agree with you, each day is better then the last. it is just the most magical time! we are so lucky to be able to spend our days watching them grow!

  6. All these pictures are divine. She's beautiful xx

  7. the photos are beautiful! can I ask if the poncho is handmade? if so, do you know where I can find the pattern. thanks!

  8. I haven't written to my girl in ages either and you just inspired me to do it. It goes too fast. Soon she will be your girl's age and how does it happen? It's funny how I think about her day and night and even when I sleep but it's when a stranger asks me about my daughter that I have the most opportunity to really reflect and notice all of the little and big things that make her who she is. It's all those things that I know in the moment that I am witnessing them and experiencing them and can hardly believe them.

    I love how you showed her now and then and then and then. It's crazy to see how much they have grown when the photos are all next to each other like that. :)

  9. oh my goodness. she is SO beautiful! new reader - i adore your blog. cutest little thing. ahhh! xoxo