Monday, March 19, 2012

the rhythm of home

it was raining all weekend. a perfect excuse to cozy up to a good book, make food, and listen to records and do puzzles with elodie. thank you rain.

i came across this series by leanne shapton, a former art director for new york times op-ed page and a contributor to paris review. she seems like a fascinating person.

via keep feeling fascination


  1. Oh. MY. I am in love with those sketches. Desperately want them. Soooo glad I saw this post! Heading over right now to see how much they are.

  2. I heart "Je T'aime Moi Nonplus". But my very favorite is "Ballade de Johnny-Jane". I have always loved that one.

  3. This post really resonates - my little girl is poorly this week (and also completely refusing to sit in her push chair!) so we've been keeping it really local and doing lots at home and in our garden. Its been lovely! Made me realise I've been going on too many outings, generally doing too much - tiring for both of us. Funny how these lessons come