Friday, March 9, 2012

take me back

my head is still in marfa, texas. i can't wait to do a full debrief including pictures. for now, i'm happy to say that i crossed every item off my marfa to-do list down below.

lots of art
good food
belly laughs
star gazing
pool time
mystery lights
afternoon naps
long walks in the middle of nowhere

check. check. check.

some great curated art over at mammoth and company that reminds me of marfa. i also love their selection for children over at the littlest mammoth.


  1. Love these prints--the colours are amazing!

    And your time away sounds perfect!

  2. I'm near Ft. Worth, but have never been to Marfa. I need to make the trup :)

    I finally got an iphone and was wondering if you'd share your favorite apps for Elodie. It seems you've mentioned a couple awhile back, but I couldn't find it :)


  3. Absolutely love these prints! So cute!

  4. How fun and sounds beautiful. Looking forward to your photos. Could you share some of your fav spots too?
    Have a wonderful Tuesday.