Friday, March 23, 2012

write your mama

i've been thinking of the many people in my life who fill me up so regularly but that i rarely take the time to thank. this typically makes me feel a bit guilty but i'm trying to stop those repressive thoughts and instead just take time to write them a letter. even two sentences is better than being incommunicado. i'd want two sentences from my favorite people, wouldn't you? i'm dedicating my 'downton abbey' hour to letter writing this weekend. sorry gossipy servants, i have real people to think about.

adorable cards by fugu fugu press


  1. loved this. the art and necessity of written correspondence is a lesson i learned early on from my dearest grams. and it's even more necessary and more appreciated the more deep we get into this age of calling, emailing, texting. as much as i've always tried to keep letter-writing a part of my life, it's intimidating at times...the thought of writing a paragraph(s). so true what you said though...just a sentence or two means the world. so worth it. have a cozy letter-writing time this weekend :)

  2. speaking of real people in real life, it was so great to (quickly) introduce myself at last night's anthropologie event. you (and your daughter) are so adorable, even more so in person, even though as you said you were "not cute and just in your h&m tee". if it makes you feel any better, i walked around all night with a large clump of mascara in my hair. i was the epitome of chicness and professionalism. :)