Wednesday, April 18, 2012

be playful

i've had this picture hanging in my living room ever since iris apfel starred in a campaign for coach in 2008 (i used to work as an art director for coach in new york.) her style and joie de vivre is legendary. i hope to be as cool as she is when i'm eighty! it's been around for a while but if you haven't checked out the blog advanced style it's pretty great. our friends at the ace hotel threw a party for them in new york a while back, wish i could have attended!

image here


  1. LOVE this. Women like Iris Apfel are so inspiring.

    In a way, my mom reminds me of her. Not in the style sense, but just the outlook on life. She literally just takes things as they come, lives in the moment, and she doesn't worry about what's past or what not yet come. And you know what? She's SO healthy and youthful looking, full of energy and excitement--I definitely attribute that to how she looks at life. :)

  2. the attitude of Iris, and the people photographed on Advanced Style, is so inspiring. It reminds me of Bill Cunningham's neighbor in the documentary. There's something about getting older that teaches people how to stop caring, and stop comparing, and to just be you .

    Thanks for sharing this photo! what a great reminder to have hanging in your home.

  3. iris is so awesome. and what a great shot that is. i love that she has no issues be herself truly.

  4. I love her! She is so true to herself and style. I hope to always have her outlook on life!

  5. Gorgeous and totally made me laugh. Thanks.