Tuesday, May 22, 2012

golden state

here are some recent photos from a work retreat i just went on in half moon bay. i have visited the bay area several times in my life but am definitely falling deeper in love with it each time i return. if the pacific northwest and central coast california had a baby it would be northern california. i'm a native californian and have long been aware of the contention between the north and the south. the southern californians have the worst stereotypes (have you seen the californians on saturday night live?) and while i recognize those people, i feel so removed from them. i love living so close to the beach, the desert, and the mountains down here in los angeles that it's worth all the jokes that go along with being an angeleno. still, i can't help but feel a little envious of all the bay area folks that have big sur and half moon bay just an hour or two away. i love southern california with all my heart but sometimes i wish i lived in northern california*

*to be honest, my feelings of envy usually subside as soon as the fog rolls in for the summer!


  1. I went to half moon bay for the first time in September. I was in a wedding there (on the golf course at the ritz) and it was completely beautiful, minus the fact that it was overcast the whole time. I hope that you enjoyed your time and it wasn't too foggy!

    Also I couldn't agree more about loving both the northwest and so cal. I also really love the bay area. The west coast really is the best coast! :)

  2. what a photo treat.Looks peaceful and relaxing.I like going to the beach not really to swim but for serene atmosphere.A nice place for some downtime.

  3. Half Moon Bay is where we always retreat when we start feeling overwhelmed. It's such a magically, calming place. And also where we got engaged!! I too, dream of living there or Big Sur... until I get home...then I begin to feel as if I belong in Portland... Am I spoiled Southern California girl, or what?

  4. I so know what you mean!! And yes I have seen the Californians-- it is absolutely hysterical since they go so over the top with the caricatures. My favorite part though (which isn't even a negative thing-- just funny) is the way they address how everyone is constantly giving directions, namedropping roads/highways, and has their own specific way of getting everywhere. "Take San Vicente north, hop on the 405, and get off in Calabassas." "no no man, take the freeway to hollywood blvd and get off on Mulholland." hahhah I am not from LA but the many times I've visited, I feel like half of what comes out of people's mouths is directions since it's so big and such a commuter city and people have their secret routes. Funny.

    Anyways I feel the same way that you do about the north and south-- the whole state has my heart really. We're moving to LA in one year and I cannot, cannot, wait. My father came of age in LA in the 60's and my whole life I've known that Southern California is where I'm meant to be. It's a strange thing, but even when I was 12 and 15 and 18 and had literally never been, it was something I just felt deep within me, that I belonged there. And then the first time I visited, everything I'd always felt was confirmed. It's like it's my soulmate in city form.

    Growing up in DC, you just don't have that overpowering, awe-inspiring, truly majestic natural beauty you find there. It's small, and it's congested, and it has amazing man-made structures-- the architecture and government and memorial buildings here are world class, but when you hike Runyon Canyon and look out over the whole city of Los Angeles-- its mountains and canyons and city lights, there is nothing like it in the world. Or when you drive through Topanga to Malibu, and your car is just a tiny speck on a tiny sliver of a road wedged between colossal earth on each side, and then you reach the very end and everything flattens out and you very dramatically happen straight upon the Pacific Ocean, there is NOTHING that can compare. Most other cities seem very unimpressive and basic compared to what LA and what southern and northern California have to offer. The time cannot come fast enough until I am a resident of the area and have that beauty all around me at all hours of the day. : )

  5. Isn't it funny that there's always tension between North and South, no matter where in the world you are? It's definitely the case with us too...people from the larger island tend to look down on us and vice versa. It's the same with mainland Italy and Sicily. I'm sure you felt it when you were in Bologna!

  6. We lived in SF for 6 years and my wife grew up in Half Moon Bay. We just recently relocated to Sacramento and I am going to desperately miss the fog this summer. :)