Friday, May 25, 2012

peacetown, u.s.a

by the time you read this i'll hopefully be in the middle of a prairie somewhere in iowa. to be more exact, we are headed to fairfield, iowa to celebrate the anniversary of jonathan and louise lynch. they are having a big anniversary party at their barn over memorial day weekend and we are flying out to celebrate with them. a lot of the friends we have made while living in los angeles hail from this special little town, also dubbed peacetown, u.s.a and we have been wanting to check it out for ages. it's the international center of the transcendental meditation movement (TM) and is where maharishi (known for being guru to the beatles) relocated his school in 1974. i'm looking forward to spending time doing absolutely nothing with such wonderful people and can't wait to see this little corner of the country!

oh and read what oprah has to say about fairfield.

image here and here


  1. I've been there. You'll have a quiet but fun time, meet nice people, and enjoy the food. It's scenic, too.

    David Spector

  2. I am so happy that you all are here to celebrate with us. Its amazing how much you seem at home here. Although I have noticed that you seem to have that ability everywhere.

    I love the picture of the star hay bales. Coincidentally they were actually built in our barn. The artist was a yoga teacher (and sculptor of course) of mine when I lived here. She built the starts in out barn and then transported them to a field on the bike path. We will have to take a stroll and see them if they are still up. xoxo-L

  3. I have roots in Iowa. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. :)

  4. I am really interested in TM. Do you practice it?

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