Friday, June 1, 2012

all the world

leaving iowa, all i could think about was the children's book, "all the world" by liz garton scanlon.

"nanas, papas, cousins, kin
piano, harp, and violin
babies passed from neck to knee
all the world is you and me
everything you hear, smell, see
all the world is everything
everything is you and me
hope and peace and love and trust
all the world is all of us."

this is a book that we've had since elodie was very little and i literally choke up every single time i read it. the feeling of growth, strength in community, being outdoors, exploring, celebrating the seasons is so perfectly captured in the book. our time in iowa somehow felt like a beautiful illustration from it. 

fairfield pictures coming next week!


  1. love that so much. always look forward to your tips on good books to read my boy...adding this to the list :) can't wait to see photos from your trip!

  2. I choked up at the line "babies passed from neck to knee" and if I too were pregnant, I'd be sobbing right now. Such beautiful words and your holiday looked every bit as magical (judging from the IG pictures).

  3. that sounds like a lovely book. i have enjoyed your instagram photos of your travels in iowa because i grew up there and they made me feel like i was at home. there is something quite magical about being in the country like that with lots of family and friends. thank you for sharing yours photos with us :)

    xo, amanda