Tuesday, June 26, 2012

in transition

ever so often i find myself at a new intersection in life wondering which would be the best direction to turn. do i forge straight ahead? take a right? i've been banging on my internal compass for an answer but it simply isn't coming.

i've cleared my summer calendar of all travel so that i can be here to enjoy this last little bit of time before our lives change drastically. we are in escrow on a house. i am deciding on some new projects that may or may not change my schedule in a huge way. so much is up in the air right now. there is great beauty to be found in transition. so often i am rushing to the next answer and i'm trying to smile through uncomfortable, uncertain feelings and just wait. watch. and greet the new day with open arms.

and isn't it so interesting that the moments before you are about to give birth are called "in transition"? the sticky moments come before the enlightened ones.

a wise friend of mine said i should refer back to this. good thinking mama.

photo by whitney chamberlin (sixteen weeks)


  1. stunning photo and lovely post as always.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I too agree that these are the moments we should pause, be present and find beauty in the grey. But its so hard! I always think about a sitting in the middle of a crossroads. Idling awkwardly as people pass you, honk even, as you try to make a decision. And through all the awkwardness and uncertainty lies a new adventure... we just have to get there.

    Anyways- thanks for your honest post. I can (obviously) relate!


  3. I too can relate whole heartedly with this moment in time, or the last 5 years of my life in my case! I'm a virgo and go into cleaning and organising mode and just can't help myself trying to predict how things will pan out. But you're so right, there is actually beauty in transition, that just beforeness, that between and betwixt two worlds. But oh dear, there's no denying the impatience I feel being in limbo right now! ha! Wishing you well. I love how you write and think. Things will turn out well. Best of luck finding your right way. x

  4. I feel that holding pattern!

    Knowing that another baby is on the way, there is so much I want to DO, DO, DO! I have project lists longer than my arm and am constantly fighting off the idea that everything must be perfect before November 7 (or sooner!).

    The first half of summer has been jam-packed for us. At first that stressed me out because it was distracting me from my to do list! But then I realized that it was visits from family and friends; it was trips and time spent together as a family of three; it was lazy, hot days where Iris and I are sweating it out in our house, playing pillow fort and eating cake for breakfast just because we can--and it's the last of my precious time with her, my first.

    I'm so glad you wrote these words today. Because today, well, today I almost strayed from those realizations. Today I opened my inbox and saw the three projects with deadlines and could NOT ignore the stack of edits that must be sent off before the weekend. And I think it's just fate that I read your words first; because even though, sure, work can't be ignored, it's good to just reset perspective before beginning.

    Congrats on the house, by the way! And thank you for always finding the beauty in even the hard things so that the rest of us can be reminded. :)

  5. I adore your introspection and thoughtfulness. Can't wait to see what's next.


  6. What a lovely perspective to have. X