Wednesday, June 20, 2012

that summer feeling

i can't think of a better way to kick off the first day of summer than to write about what the real beginning of summer was for me. our trip to iowa for memorial day! jenn just put photos up on her blog that really capture the spirit of this trip and i had to share some here. the highlights were an amazing anniversary party for our friends the lynches, planting a tree in a new friend's orchard, listening to the train rumble through the town all night long, judging a pie contest, looking for fireflies with elodie and swimming in a quarry.

three carfuls of friends grabbed swimsuits and sunscreen and headed out for a clandestine swim at an old quarry. the ride from fairfield through the iowa countryside is not one i will soon forget. the green fields of newly budding corn, picturesque farms, beat up old pickup trucks made me feel so happy to be part of this big country. and what followed? well, here is a peek...

the last few weeks have been intense and seeing these pictures makes me overjoyed. these summer moments are burned in my mind forever. i'll be sharing some from the lynches' party and the rest of our trip tomorrow!

all photos (except last two) by jenn emerling 


  1. Ah, this IS Summer for sure. Looks like such fun. What is better than carfuls of friends & a gorgeous destination.


  2. It was the perfect start to summer. Rendered even more perfect by you all being there. We are so happy you could come all the way to Iowa to join in the celebration, and experience our home town. Love you guys.

    xoxoxo Lu

  3. I grew up in Northern California and this is what my Summers were like (including quarry swimming). You just made me homesick. I like SoCal Summers too, but they take a while to warm up;)

  4. lovely! this is all i heard while reading:

    xox :)

  5. What beautiful, joyful photos these are! Your little girl is so cute.
    Happy summer to you and your family!
    Ronnie xo

  6. Looks like a wonderful day!Happy summer!Thanks for sharing the amazing photos!