Monday, June 18, 2012

a weekend in june

it was a rare treat to have papa home all weekend. so much has been happening in our lives over the past few months. we are trying to buy a house here in los angeles, and it's been a bit brutal, getting attached to a certain home, and then having 73 people bidding on it. totally deflating to sign the papers, transfer the money, dream of the neighborhood, realize the compromises we will have to make to buy in an area we can afford, exhausting. this is in addition to all of the other things we take on (which is always a lot) and has really depleted us mentally.

so...saturday night we had the babysitter come and went on a proper date. we realized that even with all of the traveling we do that we haven't actually spent any down time together. so bad!

we went to cafe stella in sunset junction and sat in one of the booths near the bar. i had an amazing farro salad with radishes, feta, and mint that i will be recreating shortly and a lettuce soup with big crusty pieces of bread and salty butter. the simplest dinners are always my favorite. after, we took in a movie at the vista in hollywood. this is such a special theater and wes anderson's moonrise kingdom was exactly what we needed. fanciful and nostalgic with impeccable set designs.

and then sunday we had a mexican brunch with the lynches (and our friend zach) at malo. my favorite was a bag of seasonal fruit topped with lime and a little bit of chile -- just like you can get from the street carts around the city. it was so hot that we grabbed a mint ice tea and canelé from casbah and headed out to look at more houses. after a couple of depressing hours seeing absolutely nothing we liked (and then a lot that we did that were about 400 k over our budget) we grabbed ice cream to go from carmela in pasadena and had a little date in the park near the house we are putting an offer on this week. so, it's guaranteed to be another roller coaster week and i'd like to say it's all terribly exciting but i secretly want this part to be done!

and i had no sooner posted about wanting to get an apron dress for elodie over at babyccino kids, then what should show up but the cutest apron dress from lindsay at darling clementine. i am in love with the go gently baby label! thank you lindsay!


  1. lovely. hang in there you guys!

  2. You're welcome! Elodie is a dream in this dress. Xx

  3. In case you change your mind about home ownership but want an awesome rental:

    My brother and his family (son, daughter, wife) just moved into one of these state-owned homes in Pasadena (from their bungalow in Highland Park) and it's a 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom early 20th-century home with a pretty cheap rental price considering how beautiful it is. They love it!

    Good luck!

  4. I am right there with you on the roller coaster ride of house hunting. We moved from Los Angeles & thought we'd have it easy in our new town and we do not. Yes, more for your money but you still have to have about the same amount... or be ok with living in a little brick box of a house. Yikes!. And tastes here are different from the lovely cottages and mid-century charmers we're used to in CA. Been searching for one year now, but I doubt you'll have to wait so long. Let's wish each other luck :). Enjoy your family time!

  5. we are starting a similar search...we are going to move out of the city and buy some land. Even land that you can afford needs to be just right and is hard to find! But it always always works out in the end...

  6. I just had carmela ice cream this week too! how amazing is that salted caramel and their lavender honey?!

    also, i wish you luck and ease with the l.a. house hunt. we just moved into our first home (with a limited l.a. budget too). it's been exciting, terrifying, and a complete project, but having space to claim as our own has been so rewarding.

  7. I grew up in Pasadena - a few blocks from Carmela's! Such a great city. Close to LA but in it's own world. Good luck!

  8. Sounds like a wonderful weekend!Elodie looks so cute in that dress!