Wednesday, July 4, 2012


we had a wonderful fourth of july this year. i made sure i got in a morning hike, made an olive oil lemon cake with elodie, took a nap, and then went to kelly's house in marina del rey for a lovely little backyard bbq with some dear friends. i couldn't have asked for better company. i'm a pretty sentimental person so it felt extra special spending this last 4th of july with elodie before little sister comes.

i also finished team of rivals, a really amazing (750 page) bio on abraham lincoln. his impact on our country is inestimable and it made me appreciate our country even more than i already do. i must admit, i'm glad it's finally over  - time to get to work on elodie's baby books before baby #2 arrives!! (i'm such a slacker!)


  1. Ahahaha! Photo albums are on my to-do list before baby #2 too!

  2. I read that book too Liz. In fact I own it. Love you, wish I could have been with you!!