Tuesday, July 31, 2012

love is...six years of being married!

today marks our sixth wedding anniversary. it's a pretty monumental one as we just bought our first home together (we closed last friday!) and in packing i found a few photo albums from our wedding. one contained all of the rsvps that our friends sent back to us. we asked each to write a little something about what love is. we have a creative, interesting group of friends and family and looking through all of them made me laugh, made me cry.

my ultimate favorite was from my beautiful mother. love is sharing one vision for the future. this applies more and more every day. the more we've intertwined our lives through children, big purchases, heartache, and happiness, the more i believe this. i'm so grateful for this love that grows, expands, and shifts. the moments when we say "yes!" because we are aligned on our future are my moments of greatest fulfillment. here is to many more! and here is a song that forever reminds me of you my love.

some more of what love is...

• family
• an action verb
• little white lies and big black magic
• your unfolding arms...
• the greatest blessing and our principal assignment
• unconditional. unselfish. do not give up EVER!
• smiles. clean air. stinky cheese. truth. cat naps. sleep.
• eternal
• saying yes!!

top image by jose villa. can't wait to show more!


  1. Congratulations on your anniversary and more years to come! and another congratulations for your new home. Can't wait to see the teaser.Enjoy the day!:)

  2. i love these! have a wonderful anniversary! and, congratulations on the new house! many exciting things to be thankful for. xx

  3. LOVE! What a lovely idea for an RSVP. Xx Happy Anniversary to you both.

  4. congratulations on your anni! and i must say, i love this idea. i might just have to pass it along to my little sis. :)

    xo, amanda

  5. Happy 6th Anniversary & Cheers to many, many more! Your RSVP cards are such precious keepsakes!!!

  6. So many congratulations!

    These are really, really beautiful too. We didn't ask for notes, but got many scribbled in the margins of our RSVP cards. I saved them all. I love when others recognize, support, and honor your love.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. congratulations, i couldn't agree with you more :)

  8. oh how sweet! Love is: Makin' babies!! :P A big Mazel to you two...

  9. amazing!! love you so much. That is a great post. Really touching. xoxo

  10. What a beautiful post and I love what your mom wrote. So very true and insightful. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I love this idea for your RSVPs! how amazing to find them again and revisit the wedding. rad!

  12. happy anniversary! this post made me teary. xoxo

  13. i love how creative people got! that's awesome. i think it means you've got some cool friends.

  14. Happy anniversary- this post also made me get tears in my eyes!

    I am a new reader, looking forward to reading more.


    1. Thank For Sharing such a Lovely Couple You Are
      you Guys Are Looking very cute !