Sunday, August 5, 2012

a life well edited

tomorrow we move into our new house. these past few weeks have left me heady with possibilities of how to decorate, what to redo once we move in, and what to leave behind. but it wasn't until i was faced with actually going through all my material possessions that things began to simplify.

i'm at a point in my life where i am ready to say goodbye to a lot of things. when we moved from new york we had movers just pack everything in boxes for us and left for europe the next day. when we moved to where we are now, elodie was fifteen months old and sorting was the last thing on my mind. somehow, knowing that this place is really ours makes me aware that i want only the most important, defining moments of my life to come with us. everything else needs to fall by the wayside.

joslyn recently linked to a TED talk by graham hill, founder of funnily enough, i know graham. my husband and i used to stay at his teeny soho apartment whenever we visited new york (and lived in his house in seattle.) he is such an awake person. i love seeing him on the forefront of these social issues, it just feels so authentic to who i know he is as a person. he also has more money than he knows what to do with and this is what he spends his time on. i deeply admire him.

i thankfully listened to this talk when we were still looking for a house. it helped validate our decision to buy a modest first home, one that would allow us to live within our means (i.e, not in an amazing school district or with a stellar view) that felt comfortable and happy. a house we can craft into a home, full of love, creativity, and fun.

during this move, i've tried to incorporate some of his ideas in order to save money, declutter my life, and to reduce our carbon footprint where possible. the most important concept? edit ruthlessly. it feels so good.

i've also had time to think about what i really enjoy about where we currently live. the pomegranate and hibiscus tree, the lush backyard, the way we live half of our time with the doors open and the fresh air coming in. i'm so excited to plant a garden, a tree, and sit in the grass and watch my children play.


  1. It's still seems funny to me how liberating it feels to throw things away. I've been culling my belongings for years now but I didn't start out this way, I was actually a hoarder! Yet even last week when I went through all my magazines, scanned some of the images I loved and threw them out (there was a lot of them)- it felt really good! Happy editing!

  2. i so needed this today. absolutely a serendipitous read for me at this very moment in time. we live in a 500 sq ft apartment with our toddler son and have recently started talking about adding another little one to our nest. all i seem to hear and read these days is news of friends buying bigger houses, more toys (ugh!!), and seemingly living a "better" life. i adore our humble abode, but often get swept up in the thought of wanting more...more space for more things...though i know deep down, i am happiest with less...with the things that really bring me happiness...the fresh air, the whispering leaves from our chestnut tree hanging over the balcony, a cozy kitchen and enough space to make this 5th floor swedish apartment HOME. home truly is where your heart is. this isn't to say that someday it would be nice to have a yard for our babies to run free and explore and a little more kitchen counter space ;)...but for now, this was such a good reminder to be grateful with what i have...that less IS more...and to get cracking on editing RUTHLESSLY. it really does feel so so good. happy moving day to you 4! :) can't wait to see any pictures you decide to your stlye, lady. from one southern california girl to another, cheers ;)

  3. Such exciting and big changes! Funnily enough, a few weeks ago I'd been overcome with the urge to "edit ruthlessly". In fact, I was using the word ruthless quite frequently. My third child just turned four months old and, at 35 years old, I felt that I was carrying around far too many years of debitage that just didn't belong anymore to the person I am now. It feels incredible! I couldn't believe the liberation I felt just pulling out and letting GO. And everything is so much cleaner! Feng Shui all the way! :) Congratulations on your new home.

  4. We have just moved and even though our new place is slightly larger, we felt that there were so many items that we had out grown. Of course we still have items that remind us of a time before our three year old daughter was born, but I'd still kept heaps from my teenage years. I felt that I was ready to finally let go and move forward, memories will be there forever in m mind, i didn't need to take the items with me. It's so refreshing to move forward clean and clear, house and mind. good luck wih your move x


    i am constantly rotating between purging and hoarding. with henry things are a little out of control right now. every closet and every drawer and every surface in our house seems to be filled, no matter how many bags i take to goodwill. i would love to move for the purging alone!

    i will have to settle for one closet at a time during naps. ;)

    so excited for you guys at this new stage.


  6. I could not agree more with the modest first home thing. I bought my first as a single person and lived there alone for some time before I met my now husband. We grew there and learned about our Dream Home Desires. Saved that money and moved last summer just before our girl was born. We learned so much from that first modest home. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

  7. What a wonderful post, and I see many agree. We are burdened buy all those material things around us - still there is always that little voice inside our heads telling us we need this and that and how life would be a little bit happier if we had this and that. I struggle with getting rid of things but it always such a huge relief when I do, however there seems to be more coming in than going out. I recently decided I would give away all the clothes and toys my kids have outgrown and just the decision was a relief in it self. Hope your new home will bring you and your family endless happiness:)

  8. Beautiful, and very inspiring. I just love what you have to say about life & living. Thank you:)

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