Friday, August 3, 2012

on ice

i've been really keeping an eye on my caffeine intake with baby. here are three icy drinks i've had in rotation all month. 

my favorite cafe on the east side of los angeles got me hooked on art of tea's white creme coconut tea. i love it hot in a tea latt√© during the winter and have been making big carafes of it iced all summer. 

i can't get enough of grapefruit and mint. this was the same with my first pregnancy. i've been pulling out the blender, adding 8 oz of pink grapefruit juice, a few sprigs of mint, and a handful of ice. blend. done. so good!! 

and finally, i'm a huge fan of aperitivos. the art of gathering with friends early to have some snacks, drink, and a conversation on a summer afternoon? so civilized. my version is a small bowl of really crispy potato chips, some green olives, and a chinotto or san bitter in a tumbler with an orange twist. pellegrino sells them in the cutest bottles that you can keep to display shells or pretty flowers after. you can usually find six packs in specialty liquor stores.

what are your favorites? i'd love to add more to my repertoire!


  1. I struggle with caffeine during pregnancy....

    My favorite is making Jamaica tea and adding chia seeds, mint leaves and lots of ice....

    Those bottles are beautiful!

  2. With robin I was OBSESSED with milk and ice so I wold blend cold milk, ice cubes and a little honey. I lived on it!

  3. I'm Also a big fan of THE grapefruit/mint drink!
    Those bottles are to die for!


  4. Such good tips... I've been overdosing on tea and need to cut back. These are perfect.


  5. grapefruit and mint is an all time favorite of mine. i also like those scents in soaps.

  6. these all sound perfect! can't wait to try!

  7. oh man, I became a HUGE fan of gingerale & pineapple juice. and fizzy water mixed 50/50 with almost any fruit juice but my fave was grape! I'd pretend it was a wine cooler. ha!

  8. Looking back on my pregnancy as I remember I don't want to drink soda or coffee eventhough i'm a drinker of it when i was not yet pregnant.For now I drink fresh lemonade a lot,in exchange of drinking soda.The grapefruit and mint sounds good, will try it sometime.

  9. I have loved aperitivos ever since I studied abroad in Italy. It's so wonderful to find other people that have similar appreciations for the little things like olives and civilized social time. ;) If you like san bitter, you would love Aperol Spritz! It was my personal favorite.
    Such a cute blog you have.


  10. love the grapefruit & mint. it's the perfect summer drink. i'll be 26 weeks tomorrow. seems like we are due around the same time.

  11. grapefruit and mint sounds so refreshing! I'll have to try it!

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