Monday, September 10, 2012

find some beautiful place to get lost

i'm normally a huge fan of the eastside of los angeles. i love the winding streets, beautiful cactus, and wooded hills over the flatness of the westside. but this heat wave has been unbearable, and up until three days ago, we didn't have air conditioning at our new house. normally i would flee to encinitas where my family lives but there is so much change happening that i didn't want to disrupt elodie's schedule.

hence, some fantastic day trips.

elodie and i headed to the long beach aquarium on a busy saturday. the great thing about the aquarium is that there is just so much to see and do for all ages and it doesn't matter if it's crowded. we packed a picnic and had lunch by the light house, took a 45 minute boat ride to see some sea lions on a dinghy, and then spent the rest of the afternoon looking at all of the amazing fish from all over the world. definitely a great place to spend the day in a heatwave!

on labor day, our friends invited us down to palos verdes for a day of swimming and beach walks. there was zero traffic and we lucked out being able to enjoy this area of los angeles that we rarely visit.

on sunday, elodie and i met our sweet friends over at the santa monica farmer's market for some great food, pony rides, and then a little fun dip in the ocean.

we also love the annenberg beach house for swimming and hikes in point dume (followed by swims at zuma beach in malibu) so that might be coming up in the next few hot weeks here.

so happy to live so close to so many little beach getaways. we are squeezing every last drop out of summer (and will continue to do so through october!)

last photo courtesy of our talented friend cleo murnane. thank you!


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