Wednesday, September 12, 2012

to rome, with love

one of my favorite cities in the world. in my mind, rome is the voluptuous monica bellucci to the delicate princess sister city of florence. everything is old, and grand, and marble.

it is impossible to see this city in one visit. impossible. and some people don't give it enough of a chance to visit twice. a shame.


the food is simple and wonderful. rome is not the culinary capitol of italy but it's simple fare of cacio e pepe, carciofi alla romana, and peppery rucola salads are not to be missed.

some restaurants we loved:

la taverna degli amici on the cutest little piazza.

il gabriello came highly recommended from several people and did not disappoint

ristorante maccheroni off the pantheon was a place we've visited a few times


i could write a tome on roman cafes but i'll narrow it down to our favorite two streets of our last visit. there are loads of cute cafes off via pellegrino and via die coranari (also cute vintage shopping, it's where i got the dress you see above)

have a gran caffe at sant'eustachio for the quintessential roman cafe experience

casa é bottega in centro storico  had simple aperitifs which is part of my favorite italian experience

things to do:

there are many, many more but if i only had four days and was bringing someone who had never visited rome, the following would be on my list.

the vatican museum

galleria borghese (pack a picnic and laze about under the italian pines)

head for the spanish steps trevi fountain (at night), and then san crispino for some very famous gelato

alternatively visit the pantheon, piazza navona, and then campo de' fiori for dinner

the colosseum and roman forum is ambitious for one day but so worth it!

a bike ride along the appian way

this list barely scratches the surface and is comprised of our favorite things from our most recent trip. i can't wait to take elodie one day!!


  1. you have the best sundresses of anyone i know. i don't fit into my favorites right now, so i'm super jealous. although with your baby bump most likely don't either ;)

  2. Rome is my favorite city in Europe. I hated it the first couple of times....then I fell in love. And I agree, the Gran Caffe from Sant' Eustachio is a must!!

  3. Such beauty in these pictures!


  4. love your photos they do the city right!

  5. Rome at night...nothing compares. If only traveling through for 24 hours, remain awake and behold the grand monuments of time, so well-lif that your heart overflows with artistic joy.

  6. Oh how I would love to take a little trip to Rome right now!