Thursday, September 27, 2012

you are wondrous

you were sick this past weekend. i took it as an opportunity to crank up the air conditioning to block out the muggy 100+ degree outside and pretend like it was really, truly fall. we read a ton of books, made soup, did some puzzles, and took long naps together.

some interesting things about you these days. you don't like pockets. whenever i am about to put a dress on you (all you will wear), you ask if it has pockets. you love long sleeves and tights and are counting down the minutes until you can wear them.

you have me cover the legs on your dresser every night with stuffed animals. the dresser legs are scary to you.

we sing "the special song" and winter wonderland every night. the special song is an old church song i grew up with called "walk tall your a daughter," you love it.

you can't get enough of richard scarry books. you will sit and pore over them for ages.

you love to dress like a princess and have dance parties. we play a lot of bob marley and disney songs when papa is out of earshot.

you just finished your swim classes for the season. we are so proud of you. you are so proud of you. swimming underwater with your goggles on. i have loved watching you progress this year.

you were going to be minnie mouse for halloween again but i think you have changed your mind to be a princess since delilah gave you her old costume while we were in seattle.

three and a half is such a great age. the things you tell papa and i make us so happy inside* we always write down things you say and tell each other when  you are asleep. it's easy to forget that you are still so little when you act like such a big girl. you are still my little one and we are here to take care of you.

love, mama

*you say things like this:
swallow a toy so baby can have it.

look at the beautiful world.

you have to be very quiet in the 100 acre wood because you might see a deer or a baby elephant. 

i'm a little joey. you have a pouch. you are kanga and i am roo.

when i'm 4 1/2 i'm gonna have boobies right?

we are sweethearts mama.

in palm springs there's lots of palm trees. you have to live in a hotel when you go to palm springs.

hey you know what? some panda bears are wild.

papa i need up. i don't have anymore energy. papa. actually i have energy for just two fings: climbing and bubbles. 

hey i have an idea. let's make a doghouse. 

she is gonna have such a good nap and when she wakes up she'll realize i'm the mama. 

i love you mr. poppa.

elodie: thank you mama.
me: for what?
elodie: my new bedroom.

mama, i want a jealous cup. (jello)

mama, you know what the baby is saying? you gave me too much coffee. 

what's a feeling mama? tell me. plllleeeeassssse?

it's movie night! maybe the bare necessities (jungle book) but we can pass where they are rawr-ing.


  1. This is so absolutely precious! My daughter Evelyn is 3 1/2 as well and they really do say the cutest things- just right now Evelyn just said, "you cute mommy" as she stumbled downstairs to find me sipping coffee and reading your blog.

  2. This melted my heart! I am the adoring mother of an 18-month-old girl and have loved every stage of her life thus far. Already looking forward to 3 1/2... although how can I look forward to her growing up?!

  3. loved this post.
    richard scarry and goggles rule the world over here!

  4. So love this post. Our kids are really the core of our happiness. I love how to see the progress of their growth. If they could only be little for a lifetime...

  5. Found your blog after your comment on Bluebird- I adore finding other pregnant bloggers and following their journey- I'm 19 weeks at the moment.Rx

  6. These are so cute. She will love looking back at them someday. My parents wrote down things my sisters and I said and I love to look back at them too.

  7. swallow a toy so baby can have it.

    -could not be more precious if she tried.

    so happy for you and your growing family:) xo

  8. "when i'm 4 1/2 i'm gonna have boobies right?" hahah literally laughing out loud...too cute! :)

  9. Haha children say the cutest words :)) my son also always asks me the meaning of words :D