Tuesday, October 23, 2012

life from life

these final weeks are so bittersweet. it's such a wondrous gift creating life from life. so far i've gained about forty pounds which is a little less than i did with my first. knowing that every nutrient is being funneled to my little baby makes me ok with all of the weight gain, although i am getting a bit swollen these past few days. i feel a bit like tweedle dee trying to get out of bed and can't help but laugh at myself. i'm SO pregnant!

i have been walking, taking prenatal yoga with some amazing local teachers, and try to swim two times a week. i cannot emphasize how important swimming has been this pregnancy and urge mamas to try to find a local place to swim while pregnant. i've increasingly become more absent minded - staring off into space and forgetting why i came into a room. the baby's movements are getting more intense each day and we've been singing the same songs to her over and over again. 

i didn't take a load of pictures while pregnant with elodie so wanted to make sure i captured this pregnancy. i asked the gorgeous and talented annie mcelwain if she would come over and take some shots that were a little more intimate than what i've been doing up until now after seeing justina's pregnancy photos. although they maybe would have been more flattering around 7 months, i wanted to remember this transformative time and the transition from one to two. big belly, bottom, and all! so here we are...37 weeks.

top to bottom: the brilliant loup charmant, vintage, kiki de montparnasse


  1. My goodness, these photos are beautiful! I'm so glad that you did them at 37 weeks; you look so full of life and beauty. This inspires me to take more photos of my growing belly (and body...), as I've been really remiss on that so far.

    Also, thanks for mentioning 40lbs, as that's about how much I gained for my first baby (ie. it was over 40) and it looks like I'll be gaining at least that much for my second. It seems like SO MUCH, but I really think it's quite normal and should be celebrated for the right reasons... it's all for a new life!

  2. You look beautiful!! So excited for you, Michael, and Elodie :)

  3. You are stunning! Thinking of you as you prepare to bring your little one into the world. Good luck! xo.

  4. So stunning! You look absolutely radiant. Baby girl is going to be so happy to meet you!

  5. E - earth mama gorgeousness

    what a gorgeous way to capture the final weeks...


  6. You look beautiful. All the best to you for these last few weeks of your pregnancy. M x

  7. You look stunning! And, those pictures seem to genuinely capture your current, joyful state. Enjoy these last few precious moments of pregnancy!

  8. You look gorgeous and glowing and beautiful!


  9. Oh you're so beautiful! The photos are all amazing.


  10. You are beautiful!! I love these.

  11. beautiful photos- the last one is my favorite- so angelic :)