Saturday, October 13, 2012


nesting is no joke. it hit me fast and furiously and has turned me into such a home body these past few days. i'm soaking up as much time with family and friends before this our new little one arrives. elodie and i have been talking about all the things a baby needs. it's pretty short.

1. lots of love
2. boobies
3. diapers sleep

she giggles every time we get to the second item on the list. it's amazing how little you really need and i kind of laugh when thinking back at how much time i put into elodie's nursery before she was born. i don't think we really spent more than 5 minutes at a time in it before she turned one. we are turning this baby's room into a family/play room with a little corner just for her. now if we could just decide on a name!


  1. Such a tender moment captured in that last photo. I love the humility that resonates from your blog. Wishing you a smooth labor/delivery and continue to keep your eye on the prize, before you know it, you will have 2 beautiful baby girls in your arms. All the best!

  2. love your three things list :)

  3. I love your list of three things a baby needs! And isn't it so true how with second/third/fourth babies, you really realise how little you actually need. So true (and actually so true of so many things in life!). I love that last photo of you and Elodie. xx

  4. Lol I love you immensely big sister. Tell my Swan I love her too. It's so good to see you not sweating the small stuff. Remember to call me back so we can continue our convo.

    Cassandra aka

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  6. What a sweet post!Love the photos you shared!Sounds really cute!

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  8. I would love to know where your beautiful dress and your beautiful daughter's skirt are from. In previous posts you've listed where items of clothing are from - please do this again! The outfits you both wear are always so fabulous. I hope your baby turns but if she doesn't then you totally have the right attitude - so much of motherhood is about letting go of our own expectations. Good luck with the final weeks - so exciting.

    1. hi lili,

      thanks so much for writing.
      my daughter's dress is from peas and queues
      and my dress is from urban outfitters.

      xo elizabeth

  9. such beautiful photographs. they are warming my heart while i wait anxiously to be making preparations and having the same conversations with my little girl. grateful you are sharing!

  10. I really like this post a lot. I follow several blogs by mums and sometimes I find it a little disappointing how they increasingly seem obsessed with expensive clothes for babies and designer pillows etc. your posts are always fromthe heart and soul and I find that sooo refreshing. Your list of baby needs above is just perfect and would expect nothing less from you. Thank you and good luck with the new baby.

  11. You're so right about not needing too much stuff, it is of course fun stocking up on sweet handmade goodies, organic knits & special things, but you're totally right, less IS more. That being said, we do stock lots of sweet things for new babies (ha!). But we do realize keep it nice and simple.

    Name, oh I can't wait to hear what you decide! I still vote Juliette. Xx

  12. cute photos- and so true list :) Isn't it funny how different our perspectives are as second time mothers. I feel like I did alot of fretting when it came to decor,clothes etc with the first, but with my second,I just stocked up on the bare necessities.

  13. nesting is such a beautiful thing to do, and so needed! i love the urge you get to do it at the end of pregnancy

  14. Sosie would make a cute name for a little sister!

  15. I really wish I hadn’t seen this as I really want one now!

  16. i love this post, your list, your pics and your blog :)

  17. So true.
    I had my second little girl a few months ago and it is "back to the basics".
    Okay, sometimes I get carried away with cute baby clothes - they were born in different seasons, so that gives me an excuse...;) but apart from that, I keep it simple.

    I discovered your wonderful blog just yesterday and since then I'm constantly reading or better: trying to read :)