Tuesday, October 30, 2012

three and three-quarters

this past weekend papa was out of town and we had our own little halloween celebration. this was the first time ever that you ran off and just played with friends without me looking out for you every minute. you would run up to me and say "may i please have three tickets" and then run away.

you are changing so much physically. no more baby belly, you are getting long and lean as you approach four. i'm surprised at all that you know, your observations of the world, your desire to share with us everything you see. i'm having a hard time at the idea of sharing you with one more person but know that our hearts will expand every second your baby sister gets closer.

some things that have made me smile so much lately.

how much you love to dance to the nutcracker and hernando's hideaway (archie bleyer's version).

you now tell everyone you are three and three-quarters. you are so proud of yourself that you are about to stop using your night time diaper.

the holes in your tights still drive you mad. hopefully we can get to a better place with that.

your descriptions are getting more vivid every day and i love the world that you color. you talk about your christmas birthday party. you want a chocolate cake with strawberry frosting. but not real strawberries just the taste. then you want pink, blue, and purple stars and rainbow sprinkles all over it. you'd also like polka dot napkins and "hang-y things" like baby ruby had at her party. you've also requested a "texas" piƱata (pegasus), not a unicorn.

the next few weeks are going to be so exciting and new for all of us. please be patient with mama and papa as we go through them. we love you so much and want to be the best parents to you both. and in turn, i promise i'll do my best to be mindful of you too. i taped two things to the wall and will read the words every day.

the first:


the second:

my hands are small. i don't mean to spill my milk.
my legs are short –– please slow down so i can keep up.
please look at me when i talk to you. it lets me know you are really listening.
remember, i am a child, not a small adult. sometimes i don't understand what you are saying. 
i love you so much. please love me for just being myself, not just for the things i can do. 

- author unknown


  1. That's a beautiful thing to have taped to your wall. What lucky daughters (!!) you have to have you as their mother. Xo

  2. this was so touching. good luck Mama. welcome to the world beautiful baby.

  3. Beautiful post! Such sweetness in these pictures!


  4. The reminder note at the bottom of this post is beautiful! I don't have children yet but feel this little reminder will probably come in handy when I do.

  5. What a lovely post, and that last excerpt is going up on my wall too. Such a wonderful reminder - so, so true. xoxo

  6. Good luck tomorrow, Elizabeth. My thoughts and blessings are with you.

    Amy Gambell

  7. Aw, I've read that poem before but have forgotten about it. Thanks for posting it (such a lovely reminder in our very fast-paced world!)

  8. These are the most adorable shots!!
    Loving all of them!

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    Love the post!

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