Friday, December 21, 2012

a holiday playlist

i have a confession, i am a sucker for christmas. i love all of it. the decorations, the stories, the traditions, the music. i would be perfectly happy if christmas lasted three months of the year and i soak up every second. my husband, does not feel the same way, and has his own idea of christmas music. i wanted to share a smattering of what's been playing in between all of his sad, sad songs. hope you enjoy listening while you bake some cookies with your little ones! click here to listen (or right click to download.)

this was one of the out takes from our holiday card. we had pictures taken by max wanger & our labor of love. can't wait to share it and more from the day soon! 


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  2. Oh that is so funny - my husband and I are just the same. I love your mix! I did have a look at the sad mmix and was surprsied not to see Johnny Cash - but of coarse, he was on mix 1!

  3. Have a divine Xmas with those sweet girls of yours! My playlist is pretty similar - love it! xx