Sunday, December 30, 2012

what a year

i never would have believed it if you told me how big 2012 would be for our family. so many moments that make me want to cry with happiness. i'm putting up a few because they are so fun to remember.

we started our year in the desert as a family of three.

in a house in mt. washington...

and spent lots of time at the local park...

elodie started tap and ballet.

we went to marfa with some good friends...(i found out i was pregnant there!)
then bali...
then turks & caicos...
my belly grew...
we went to fairfield, iowa...

and summer came. i wanted to soak up every second with elodie.
we spent our days house hunting and avoiding the heat...
and my belly grew even more,
and so did elodie.
august came with swim classes and a new neighborhood to explore...

and my belly kept growing.
september came. my birthday, labor day, a new school for elodie and a trip to disneyland to celebrate her sleeping all night in her big girl bed.

one last trip to seattle before baby...
then october...a baby shower for me, nesting, house warming, preparing for baby.

i'm as big as a pumpkin.
then...francesca. and our family cocoon.

and the world slowed down. my need to share decreased as my need to be with my family increased. i've loved this technology sabbatical but i also miss writing. i reflect on this wonderful, hard, unsure, beautiful year and give thanks. my resolution for 2013? to not miss a moment of this very full life.
wishing you all a happy new year! 


  1. Please write more! I miss your posts!

  2. a beautiful year, indeed. funny how when the focus on family increases, the need for everything else decreases. these first 5 months of my pregnancy have totally reminded me to slow down, savor the small moments with my sweet boy, embrace the belly getting bigger and the miracle happening inside of me, love more...and take a big long necessary pause from technology and "sharing". i totally get that. i've been craving a simpler, fuller life lately. being online less and being present and available for my family, friends and real life MORE has been so soo good for my soul. cheers, mama. you guys are so beautiful. can't wait to share in your joy as we become 4 this spring :) xo!

  3. Such a gorgeous recap! Happy New Year to you and yours :) !

  4. What a sweet and magical year! Here's to many more wonderful moments surrounded by love, laughter and joy...and many more travels!

  5. What an incredible year you have had with your growing family, thank you for sharing these moments with us!

  6. A beautiful year, indeed! Thank you for allowing us to share in your adventure. You are much braver than some of us (ahem, I).

    Many blessings to your sweet family.


  7. What a wonderful year you have had. Heres to many more wonderful moments in 2013.

  8. What a wonderful year indeed! Fantastic. Hope the next one is as good and even better!

  9. What a great year! I've been reading your blog for a while now and never realized that you lived in Mt Washington. Up until four months ago we were living there too. Now we are in Portland. I lived in LA for over 10 years and that neighborhood is by far my favorite. I feel like it is the last secret spot in the city.
    Anyway, here is to a happy 2014. Cheers!

  10. What a great year and what a happy family life you have. Such a great blessing from above.:)

    Happy new year to you and your family.


  11. you are the MOST darling person and family. The way you write is pure and poetic. You really have a very poetic way of writing, even if you are only matter-of-factly describing the way you spent a Saturday afternoon or a smattering of days in 2012...something about it is poetic and non-ordinary. Your spirit really comes through in your words. I have been following your blog for several years and always feel happy and peaceful and excited for my own future when I read along. It is one of the 4 blogs I read dedicatedly for that reason.

    Elodie has grown so much indeed, and is one of the cutest children I've ever seen in my whole life. Those BANGS. Those thick, straight, bangs and the little wisps of hair that fall around-- Whether she has bangs when she is 18, 20, or not, she will look back enviously at that hair cut-- it is SO gorgeous and cute on her. I'm seriously jealous! She reminds me of a mini little Jane Birkin.

    So although I don't know you, I am genuinely happy for your blessed 2012 and the new member of your family..that's the funny thing about blogging. It's strange to feel happy for someone you've never spoken a word to in person, but it's also kind of awesome and magical. You really seem like a lovely soul-- the kind of person the world is lucky to have in it! Introspective, loving, thoughtful, and always striving for more inward and outward consciousness. Congratulations on a beautiful 2012 and your beautiful little Francesca, and I wish you and Michael and Elodie and baby a blissful 2013. xoxoxo
    Oh, and you and Michael are ADORABLE.

  12. This post is so great it made me want to cry.
    It's all happening so fast and going by so quickly! Waaahhh!!!
    So happy to share it all with you. XXX

  13. what a lovely recap. gorgeous family. glad you're back, I've been missing your updates & sweet words.


  14. First time reading your blog and I love it!! It is so classy and creative, I just started my own and I hope mine can develop half as well as yours has!!